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Say Goodbye To Winter Skin With Angelico Serums

Ensure you are taking expert care of your skin during the coldest months with superior serums by Angelico. Extensively researched and combining carefully selected natural and precious oils, Angelico Serums provide an incredible nourishment boost to keep your complexion healthy and radiant throughout winter.

Angelico Serums contain precious oils that are so intricately blended, they suit any skin type and you will find it to be so good that there is no need for added moisturisers. The serum can be used on its own, combined with your moisturiser or as an occasional boost for your complexion.

Angelico Serums work according to skin type and needs; their specially formulated oils effectively nourish and balance the moisture levels of the skin.

Due to the fact that the skin often becomes dry, dull and flaky during winter, we decided to take a look at Angelico Serum For Dry Skin. However, dry skin can also occur from dehydration or hormonal imbalance.  Angelico Serum For Dry Skin offers an array of base oils and essential oils that work in harmony to target these concerns, providing a super boost of vital nutrients to instantly transform your complexion.

angelico dry skin serum

Combining the purest natural oils such as argan, borage, frankincense, neroli, and rose, this serum offers your skin exceptional nourishment and effective rejuvenation.

The base oils are cold pressed so that no solvents are used in their extraction.

Key Ingredients And Benefits:

Base Oils:

Argan: Argan is included due to the fact that it is brimming with minerals and vitamins to target and treat those dreaded fine lines, whilst providing superior moisturizing benefits.

Borage and Calendula: Offers incredible anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral properties.

Peach Kernel: This easily absorbed ingredient is combined as it provides superior antioxidant qualities to repair and protect and is also hypo-allergenic!

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Rosehip And Vitamin E: With anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing abilities under their belts, there appears to be very little these two components cannot accomplish. Better yet, the fact that they are readily absorbed into the skin means you will benefit from immediate results! Hooray!

Essential Oils:

Geranium: This essential oil is one to really look for when choosing a serum. Combining exceptional rejuvenating, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being effective in balancing hormone puts this oil at the top of the class.

Frankincense: Frankincense works in unison with geranium to offer outstanding anti-inflammatory and anti-aging results, whilst simultaneously providing a calming effect you will truly appreciate.

angelico bag with serum

Lavender and Neroli: These two essential oils combine to produce amazing benefits for the skin. The components significantly calm, heal and soothe, whilst also providing antibacterial, cleansing and rejuvenating capabilities.

Rose: Should the cold and dark winter days make you feel down, this will be a must-have ingredient. Rose oil is well known for its ability to balance hormones and uplift the spirit, and therefore offers unbelievable benefits for the mind.

Angelico Serum For Dry Skin (30ml) is priced at £35.

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