Say Hello to Exuviance And Goodbye To Age

We all want firmer, lifted and toned skin, that is silky soft and fully rejuvenated. With the launch of Exuviance’s Body Tone Firming Concentrate and Retexturing Treatment, we can achieve these skincare goals.

NeoStrata’s Exuviance is globally renowned for its remarkable results and is loved by celebrities and skincare specialists alike. Created by Drs. Van Scott and Yu, Exuviance’s ingredients have undergone clinical studies to achieve ground-breaking results.

These products are fast-becoming a global sensation, so we decided to see if they live up to the hype. Read on:

1.Exuviance Body Tone Firming Concentrate


This product is specifically designed to restore firmness, tone and a more contoured appearance to the skin by using extensively researched and patented ingredients, including NeoGlucosamine, CitraFill and Aminofil, of which comes with a handy built-in massaging applicator. This salon-worthy treatment delicately massages the skin to increase circulation, reducing cellulite, and then delivers outstanding components to fully hydrate and tone.

We all know that cellulite is pretty impossible to eradicate using a topical product. However, Exuviance’s Body Tone Firming concentrate contains ingredients that plump the skin’s matrix, thus reducing the appearance of dimples, a crepey texture and looseness, whilst firming and toning the skin.

Key Benefits:

Exuviance roller lid body firm

Triple Firming Complex: 6% NeoGlucosamine

This fabulous compound builds up hyaluronic acid within the skin to achieve a plumper skin matrix, thus producing a more lifted and youthful appearance. Furthermore, this ingredient exfoliates the skin, increasing cell turnover for optimum rejuvenation.

Triple Firming Complex: 4% CitraFill

CitraFill is clinically proven to stimulate and strengthen the skin’s collagen network. The production of collagen is increased, which in turn  firms and rejuvenates the skin.

Triple Firming Complex: 0.5% AmnoFill

Patented by Exuviance, this volumising ingredient is an amino acid that successfully increases collagen and hyaluronic acid production. The result is plump, firm skin that boasts volume and youth.

Caffeine is also included due to its ability to reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite.

You will begin to see a noticeable improvement to your skin within a few days of using Exuviance’s Body Firm and Tone Concentrate.

This is a superior anti-aging treatment that will greatly reduce the pesky signs of aging and cellulite-affected skin. It works particularly well on arms, legs and hips. This is a product not to be missed!

2. Exuviance Retexturing Treatment

Exuviance retexturing treatment

If you suffer from dry, dull or rough skin, this new Exuviance lotion is ideal for you. Additionally, it will effectively Keratosis Pilaris (a condition that causes the appearance of rough bumps around hair follicles), quickly transforming the skin back into one of silky soft radiance.

Specifically formulated with glycolic acid this Retexturing Treatment increases hydration and cell turnover, thus enabling greater skin elasticity. Also included is the PHA Bionic Blend of Gluconolactone and Lactobionic Acid, of which together offer exceptional moisturising and skin strengthening benefits. This treatment targets dry and flaky skin, replacing it with supple skin that is unbelievably soft. This lotion is in a league of its own.

Key Benefits:

Exuviance retexturing treatment

5% Glycolic Acid (AHA).

Dermatologists advise this ingredient to be crucial in maintaining optimum condition of the skin and thwarting the irksome signs of aging. Fully hydrating and stimulating skin cell turnover, this component will effectively refine skin’s texture, greatly improve skin tone, smooth out unwanted lines and restore skin elasticity. Awesome!

5% Bionic Blend of Gluconolactone & Lactobionic Acid (PHAs)

These components provide undeniable anti-aging benefits for the skin. Not only do they further hydrate, moisturise and smooth skin, but these compounds also strengthen the skin’s barrier function whilst inhibiting glycation (a process that would otherwise age the skin and trigger the appearance of cellulite).

Vitamin E And Shea Butter

Vitamin E is combined in this powerful treatment due to its antioxidant properties of which intensely nourishes and protects the skin. Shea butter is added due to its amazing hydrating and moisturizing qualities.

Exuviance’s Retexturing Treatment offers a super lightweight formula that instantly soaks into the skin, offering immediate nourishment and support. Within a few applications the skin appears significantly rejuvenated and smoother.

Fruk loves these products!

Exuviance Body Tone Firming Concentrate and Retexturing Treatment is priced at £33.

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