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Say Hello To Gorgeous Skin With Perricone MD Thio:Plex Intensive System

World-renowned dermatologist, researcher and scientist Nicholas Perricone, MD has just launched his best skin brightening formulation yet. The Thio:Plex Intensive 2-Step Brightening System will literally transform your skin.

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Given the huge success of Perricone Md products, we couldn’t wait to try this new 2-step formula. Read on to discover what the Thio:Plex Intensive will do for your skin.

Combining highly researched and clinically tested ingredients, the advanced 2-step formula ensures unprecedented anti-aging and skin brightening results. If your concerns are aging skin, blemishes, dark spots/discoloration or uneven skin tone, this treatment will feel like 5 Christmas’s in 1!

1.Intensive Base

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Including high levels of thio antioxidant (this is the body’s main detoxification and repair agent) with other extensively researched components, the Intensive Base gets straight to work on your skin. Targeting blemishes, dark spots/discoloration, fine lines, and uneven skin tone, this highly effective formula leaves no skin problem unturned, ensuring your complexion looks nothing short of incredible.

2.Brightening Activator (Step 2)

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The Brightening Activator contains a rich supply of Perricone, MD’s specifically formulated vitamin C ester. This super-powerful antioxidant works in harmony with the Intensive Base to further decrease any discoloration.

After just a few uses, you will see a remarkable difference in the overall appearance of your skin. We could not believe how luminous and smooth the skin looked by the end of the first week!

Perricone, MD’s Thio:Plex Intensive Brightening System truly shines out above other products, due to its ability to tackle and diminish multiple signs of aging, whilst simultaneously reducing any dark spots/discoloration. This outstanding 2-step treatment also works incredibly well on sun-damaged skin.

How To Use:

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Apply a pea-sized amount of the Intensive Base to a cleansed face, then allow a minute for this to dry.

Next apply the same amount of Brightening Activator. After 20 minutes’ rinse off completely.

For areas of greater discoloration, apply as a spot treatment and leave on overnight.

The two-step treatment should be applied in the evening, thus providing an overnight skin transformation. By morning, your reflection in the bathroom mirror will reveal significantly brighter, rejuvenated and tighter looking skin. Fruk loves this product!


93% said their skin appeared firmer, brighter and more youthful.

97% said their skin appeared smoother.

97% said they saw an improvement in the dullness of their skin.

Perricone MD Thio:Plex Intensive Two-Step Brightening System is priced at £120. To view and buy this and other Perricone, MD products visit:


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