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The Secret To Awesome Sex

Truth be told – no one wants to experience that awkward and hesitant silence minutes after sex, let alone hear that it wasn’t ‘great’. If you want to avoid this forever, you will need to know what it takes for a guy to say the sex is awesome. Fear not – it does not involve indulging in hideous fetishes (except for the unlucky few). The recommendations are quite simple, and the good news is if you with someone whom makes you weak at the knees, you probably are already doing everything right. Read on to find the secret to awesome sex.

1.Be Spontaneoussex orgasm gifsGuys (and ladies) are suckers for spontaneity. It is easy to keep the spark flame-size by seizing the moment. Surprise your man when he least expects it – believe us, like some magic trick, this will transform vanilla sex into awesome before your very eyes.


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It does not take Sherlock visiting a science lab to realise that plodding through sex may be due to lack of chemistry. Either you picked the wrong person in the club, or perhaps you are in a long-term relationship that drips with the stench of boredom. Spice things up, to reignite the passion, or find someone with a mutual insatiable desire.

3.Relax: Guys hate women who resemble planks of wood – not literally but you know what we mean. If you are not relaxed and enjoying yourself, it will show and immediately make the prospect of awesome sex a distant memory.

4.Mix It Up: Guys will nearly always say sex is amazing when they try something different or new. Sex should be awesome for both people involved, so never be afraid to try something new. Remember to mix things up and sex will definitely be more fun.

5.Don’t Be Shy: Shyness can be extremely off-putting. Try to remember you are together because you are wild for each other, so leave the shyness at the door, and enjoy some awesome sex.