Sex Education Season 3 Netflix

Sex Education Season 3: Is This The End?

After being released on Friday, Sex Education is still Number 1 in Netflix’s list of Top 10 most popular shows at the moment. Viewers across the globe binged the third season within hours of release and are already asking for more. There were some great development and storylines in this season but after THAT finale, is this the end?


‘Will they, won’t they’ Trope

Sex Education Season 3

One of the main storylines of this season and the previous two is the relationship between Maeve and Otis. The ‘will they, won’t they’ trope has been used again and again in countless amounts of media. It seems that creators and producers can never judge it correctly. These storylines always seem to drag out, they go on for too long and viewers lose interest.

With the introduction and possibility of Otis and Ruby, many fans seemed to prefer that coupling to Maeve and Otis. The chemistry between Mimi (Ruby) and Asa (Otis) was palpable and obvious to many. It seems that the spark of Maeve and Otis had disappeared, especially as we saw so little of the two of them together. And with that final scene, was it all worth it?

Overfill of Characters

Sex Education Season 3 Netflix

One issue with Netflix’s popular T.V dramas is the constant need for new additions. As T.V shows develop, so do the characters and the environment they live in. The fictional world expands, and of course new characters and storylines expand too. However, this often leaves original characters left in the lurch.

So many characters this season didn’t develop, characters who came into the show having problems and getting help from the sex clinic. Without this important aspect of the show being included in this season, these characters were missing.

Although some of the new additions were quite refreshing. This season introduced Cal, a character who uses they/them pronouns, used a binder, and identifies as non-binary. Cal developed a relationship with Jackson, allowing him to learn more about queer relationships and his own sexuality. 

Sex Positivity

Sex Education Season 3

One of the most refreshing aspects of this show is the positivity around sex. A once-taboo subject, sex, and sexuality are something that characters speak so freely about in this show. Even in its third season, so many of the storylines demonstrated how people shouldn’t be ashamed for being sexually active or enjoying sex.

Being named the ‘sex school’, the pupils of Moordale Secondary were constantly battered down to not be themselves, to not be unique, and to conform. One particularly heartwarming scene came from the seventh episode when almost every single character came together to fight for what they believe in. A short-lived triumph, but the community and found family aspect were very clear.

Another refreshing aspect of this show is the inclusion of older characters in this sex positivity movement. So often the so-called ‘older generation’ is just used as props for the younger generations’ storylines. But Sex Education debunks that, allowing these characters to explore their own sexualities and sexual desires.

Platonic Relationships


Although it seems every single romantic relationship ended by the end of this season, something Sex Education does so well is its platonic relationships. Aimee and Maeve and Otis and Eric are two friendships that really make the show.

However, characters you didn’t think would even interact like Ola and Adam last season and even Adam and Rahim also bring something fresh to the show. Platonic relationships are just as important as romantic ones. In life, it’s usually your friends and family that will stand by you no matter how many times you fight or argue.

The continuation of Maureen and Jean’s friendship was wonderful to see especially as we so rarely see women from different times in their life coming together and supporting each other, instead of being against each other.

So-called ‘one-dimensional characters’


Many fans have cited the fantastic character development of certain characters to be the best part of this season. Ruby, Adam, and Michael are three characters in particular who really shone, turning from seemingly one-dimensional characters to fully developed, fleshed-out people with real emotions and real problems.

Connor Swindells is one stand-out star who made viewers laugh and cry with his depiction of Adam, experiencing his first queer relationships and navigating all the challenges that come with that. This storyline demonstrated to viewers how you can change your perception and opinion of a character so quickly. Adam, the once school bully, warmed everyone’s hearts with his poetry writing and dog training. Fans only hope he can get his happy ending next season.

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