Sex Fetishes That May Make You Wince

We can all agree that sex is a wonderful thing. However, there are sex fetishes that at the very least will make you scratch your head in a mix of confusion and fascination, and at worst – make you wince. Check out these frightfully bizarre sexual preferences, and then go to bed with an eye mask and some soothing meditation music


Brace yourselves people – this actual fetish involves individuals getting off on real live insects crawling over them or other people’s bodies – and if they bite, that’s an orgasm. OK (??!!?)


A GIF of a scary clown
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As this fetish involves a rather strange attraction to clowns, we think it’s fair to assume the people that get their rocks off to this are, of late, having a wail of a time. Then again, maybe scary clowns (particularly those carrying machetes) don’t cut the mustard. Happy Halloween guys!


A person tree
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This sexual fetish is all about really loving trees. if your partner were that way inclined, a stroll in the park should be avoided. We’ll never look at tree conservationists the same, ever again!


You know how a balloon popping causes most people to jump? Well, apparently the act of popping balloons, or watching others popping balloons, or watching people naked with balloons is awesome for certain people. Well, at least it’s not insects…


This sexual fetish is very likely to be derived from overdoing the lame horror movies. It is basically people who dream of being swallowed…and then digested.


These individuals find watching someone freeze orgasmic. Aside from this being unequivocally terrifying, it is not our place to judge (just thoroughly vet prospective partners).


A GIF of furry animal costume
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A sexual fetish of which is far less perturbing than the previous preference, furries is the name given to those who like to dress up (themselves and others) in furry animal costumes.