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Signs You Shouldn’t Be Together

When asked, you may say that you love your SO, but can you say you see yourself cozied up to your partner aged 90, with no relationship regrets? Should the answer be anything but a wholehearted ‘yes’ perhaps you should check out the other signs that you shouldn’t be together?


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The number one indicator is a lack of sexual chemistry. If sex is blah all the time, you are both doomed to a life of vanilla. In short, you cannot manufacture sexual chemistry – if it’s non-existent, the time has come to move on.

2.Too Many Differences

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Sure, no one wants to date a clone, and to a point differences can compliment or strengthen a relationship. However, if one person wants to live abroad, party, with no prospect of having a family, whilst the other’s life purpose is to become a home-maker with 7 children, you guessed it – its time to reassess your relationship.

3.You Are Considering An Affair

This one is pretty obvious…

4.You Do All The Work

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Is it always you who suggests some couple time? Emotionally, if only one of you is making all the effort, and this does not change, the relationship is unbalanced and therefore unlikely to last.


Do you find you are always changing your commitments, plans, and constantly sacrificing things in attempt to maintain balance and harmony in your relationship? If you have tried to discuss this and a year later nothing has changed, it is now a case of realising the situation may never be rectified, and look up at the relationship’s red flag.

6.A Rut That Stays

Have you been excusing the sorry state of your relationship as just being in a rut so long that now when you describe your situation to close friends, they end your sentence for you? If your rut has lasted for-like-ever, it isn’t a rut – it’s a big fat clue that it’s time for change.