Exuviance cover blend skin caring foundation
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Stay Flawless This Summer With Exuviance’s CoverBlend Skin Caring Foundation

Don’t let the summer turn your flawless finish into a face full of flaws. The globally loved brand, Exuviance brings us their genius CoverBlend Skin Caring Foundation, ensuring you stay looking naturally radiant without the fear of resembling a melting pottery by lunchtime!

It’s a never-ending predicament – we adore the sun and makeup (but they do not team up well and inevitably the sun wins and our face drips pitiful streaks of foundation – damn you humidity). Thankfully, Exuviance has answered our prayers and come up with the ultimate summer foundation, allowing us to once more maintain our flawless complexion with confidence.

Available in ten flattering shades, Exuviance’s CoverBlend Skin Caring Foundation offers a host of anti-aging benefits, is (crucially) smudge resistant and provides light to medium coverage all day long! This foundation guarantees your skin is concealed, protected and treated within one superior formula.

Combined in this spectacular oil-free and water-based foundation are highly researched and clinically proven ingredients that successfully diminishes the signs of aging whilst offering advanced nourishment for the skin.

Exuviance cover blend foundation
Credit: neostrata.co.uk

Furthermore, this incredible foundation includes SPF20 and is suitable for all skin types, no matter how sensitive your skin may be.

Key Benefits:

1.Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)

We’ve all heard of how beneficial AHAs are for achieving beautiful skin. Now meet the Godfather of the AHAs – the PHA, Gluconolacctone. This compound’s special abilities lie in strengthening the skin-barrier function and will aid in the fight against irksome signs of aging, without causing any irritation! Wow!


Exuviance cover blend foundation
Credit: neostrata.co.uk

Exuviance has named this foundation ‘Skin Caring’ for good reason. Antioxidants such as vitamin E are blended into the formula to ensure the skin is not only selfie ready but also thoroughly cared for and protected.


With added SPF protection, Exuviance has left no stone unturned in making sure the foundation is in a league of its own.

4.Light To Medium Coverage That Lasts

CoverBlend Skin Caring Foundation will achieve light to medium coverage, of which is easily buildable and which lasts throughout the day. Perfect beachwear!

5.Smudge Resistant

Exuviance’s hidden gem is its unrivalled smudge-resistant formula, that will guarantee your complexion looks nothing but naturally radiant, even on the hottest day. No sweat!

6.Clinically Proven, Allergy And Dermalogically Tested

You can rest assured that this celebrity-loved product is allergy and dermalogically tested, and has undergone extensive research with clinically proven results. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the day!

Exuviance’s CoverBlend Skin Caring Foundation is priced at £26.99 (30 m).

To view and buy this amazing foundation visit: Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic or online at:http://www.facethefuture.co.uk

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