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This Summer Stay Beautiful With Exuviance’s New Body Polishing Masque

It’s set to be one gorgeously hot summer, so make sure you repair and treat your skin with the new Exuviance Body Polishing Masque. Designed to exfoliate, richly hydrate and smooth, your body will look better than an Instagram’s star’s fully photo shopped polished pins!

Unfortunately, the dreaded age factor causes cell turnover to gradually diminish, which leads to a host of unpleasant skin concerns – cue uneven texture, dryness and roughness. Add a little too much hot sunshine to the mix and our bodies are left parched in in desperate need of TLC. We often focus on treating the face, overlooking the cry for help from our bodies.

Exuviance’s Body Polishing Masque is a powerful formula of which combines clinically proven science with super luxurious and spa-inspired textures to transform the skin.

exuviance body polishing masque

This Bionic blend of PHAs Gluconolactone and Lactobionic acid effectively improves skin elasticity whilst refining the texture.

This unrivalled formula uses plant-based exfoliating beads that (unlike other polishes) gently yet successfully exfoliate the skin without scratching or causing damage. The outcome is beautiful and silky soft skin.

Key Benefits:

1.Bionic Complex

Including a deeply hydrating blend of Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) Gluconoloctone and Lactobionic acid means this polish can be used on even the most sensitive skin. These acids effectively maintain skin elasticity as well as greatly improving pigmentation. This super formula will not cause dryness, flaking or redness. Genius!

2.Exfoliating Beads

Exuviance’s plant-based exfoliation beads work tremendously well to loosen and rid dead skin, remove impurities and thoroughly retexture.

3.Antioxidant vitamin A and C

These protect against environmental aggressors, preventing free radical damage, whilst delivering vital nutrients to the skin.

4.Vitamin E and Shea Butter

body polished legs
Credit: EBWPR

These two highly beneficial ingredients are included to intensely moisturise, whilst simultaneously strengthening the skin barrier thus ensuring deep protection.

5.No Plastic Beads

Unlike other polishes, Exuviance’s Body Polishing Masque does not include any plastic beads that are detrimental to the environment.

6.Paraben-Free, Oil-Free and Light Fragrance

7.Light Citrus Fragrance

This body polishing masque offers beautifully light citrus notes that encapsulate the delicate essence of summer.

Directions For Use:

Suitable for most skin types, massage into damp skin using gentle circular motions and leave for two minutes before rinsing with warm water. Use regularly for best results.

Exuviance’s Body Polishing Masque is priced at £33.

To find a stockist for this and other fantastic Exuviance products visit:

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