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Sustainable Fashion Brands Based In The UK That You Will Love

Sustainable Fashion is rightly becoming a common topic of conversation within the fashion community. We all should be more conscious with how we are treating the planet. Indeed, the Fashion industry produce 10% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, we can make a small change by choosing where we buy our clothes a little more carefully. However, figuring out where to buy sustainable fashion can be tricky. So, below are a few of the best sustainable fashion brands that are based in the UK. Now, you can be fashionable with an ethically clean conscious with these sustainable fashion brands.


If you haven’t heard about BEEN London, then you need to look them up. This London based company that turns waste into beautiful accessories. This company aims to be sustainable by bringing new life to old products. All of their products are made from leather offcuts and even plastic bottles! Their clean designs will go with every outfit. Also, Been London design bags that make sure you will be able to carry everything you need for your day-to-day life.

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Birdsong is a boutique in London that pride itself on their authenticity. Every item of clothing is handmade by talented knitters and seamstresses. Each item is made especially for you when you order it. There is never any wasted product to limit the companies carbon foot print, making it the ideal sustainable fashionable brand. Not only will you be supporting British tradesmen, you will know that you will be contributing to a more sustainable future. You should browse the positive inspired t-shirts or funky face masks on their website. Furthermore, you will be pleased to hear that Birdsong believe in “no sweatshop, no photoshop” so that their customers have complete truth in them.

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Sustainable fashion has been People Tree’s mission for over twenty years. First started back in 1991 and was the first fashion company to be awarded World Fair Trade Organisation product label. If your fashion sense takes inspiration from classic French style, then you will love People Tree. They take pride in their polished designs. From easing day time wear to cosy patterned socks, you will be covered with People Tree.

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If you are looking for a new backpack that you can use both in the city and for country walks? Then you need to head over to The Level Collective. The Level Collective design bags that will suit all your needs from commuting to work or hiking up a mountain. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that your sustainable bag will be made from natural and recycled materials and that it is designed to last.

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Get ready to fall in love with silky soft loungewear! Thought is a British brand that can offer you a great collection of organic clothing made from hemp and bamboo. In addition to being comfortable, you can look put together in Though’s lounge set as well as cosy. They are perfect if you are still working from home.

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Are you looking for some new swim wear so you can get summer ready? Or are you needing some new comfortable underwear sets? Then you need to check out Stay Wild. Founders Natalia Glaze and Zanna Van Dijk, who are active scuba divers, are super conscious of the effect that fashion can have on earths sea life. This is why they created a way to battle the problem with excess plastic in the sea with a creative solution. Swimwear made from plastic from plastic found in the ocean. Stay Wild clothing are designed to flatter your body and make you feel comfortable when you are wearing next to nothing.

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Have you worn out your lounge wear this past year due to the pandemic? Then get ready to sleep soundly with new PJ’s from Noctu. Noctu is an organic cotton sleepwear and loungewear brand. This family company only use Global Organic Textiles Standard approved cotton to create the most comfortable clothes but to also make sure that the company can remain focused on being sustainable.

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Ready to upgrade your bag game? Mashu is a British sustainable and vegan company who’s unique bag designs will definitely add something special to your look. From pops of colour to bright patterns, there is a wide range of unique bags to choose from. This sustainable brand is inspired by the Art Deco as well as the sea side landscape of Greece. They are perfect for summer!

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This Jewellery brand is inspired by Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ and each represents one of the 100 poems. Rosh wanted to create jewellery that was deeply rooted in literature and travel. Additionally, every piece of Aligheri’s is made to help you to tell your stories of adventures. This jewellery is made for you to be noticed. What are you waiting for? Go treat yourself!

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Surfs up! Sustainable fashion is the future in Rapanui’s eyes. This eco-friendly brand is inspired to make all clothes 100% sustainable with their wind-powered factory. Have everything you need to dry yourself off and keep warm on summer days by the British seaside. Moreover, their bright funky designs will definitely match your summer vibe.

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