Lee Stafford cordless straighteners
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Take The Stress Out Of Styling With Lee Stafford’s New Cordless Straighteners

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your straighteners on the go? With the launch of Lee Stafford’s New No Strings Attached Cordless Straighteners, now you can. There’s nothing more annoying than being tethered in one place to straighten your hair. Using the fabulously lit bathroom mirror, waiting for the toast to pop up, or even going on holiday are now seen as feasible places and times to hair straighten (all of which, were once an impossible dream).

Lee Stafford’s genius 2-in-1 Cordless Straighteners mean just that – the freedom to achieve no frizz, perfectly straight or curly hair, absolutely anywhere and any time of day. Hurray!

Lee Stafford new cordless straighteners
Credit: leestaffordelectricals.com

These versatile straighteners are literally a godsend – not only are they suitable for all hair types, but they can be used to straighten, wave and curl the hair. Designed with smooth tourmaline-ceramic plates, enables this clever hair tool to glide seamlessly through your locks to create the sleekest, smoothest finish of which even a top hair stylist would be proud. Furthermore, you will enjoy a professional style in just a fraction of the time.

Lee Stafford’s No Strings Attached Cordless Straighteners can be used with or without the power cord. When choosing to use cordlessly, they keep their heat for up to 15 minutes. Furthermore, they can be easily be placed back into the heating base to quickly heat back up again.

These straighteners offer a rubberised and soft touch design allowing ease of holding and styling. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about little hands seeking out your straighteners – Lee Stafford has thought of everything and designed them with a safety release on the cord, preventing potential hazards.

Key Features:

1.Tourmaline-Ceramic Coated plates 

Lee Stafford cordless straighteners
Credit: leestaffordelectricals.com

By designing these 2-in-1 straighteners with tourmaline-ceramic coated plates Lee Stafford has ensured that when styling, extra negative ions are generated. In layman’s terms this means a superior anti-frizz effect and ultra-sleek hair.

2.Can Be Used Cordlessly/With Cord

The choice is yours, and having the freedom to choose when and where you style your hair takes this tool to the top of its game.

3.Retains Heat For 15 Minutes And Heating Base

Cordlessly, the straighteners retain heat (on fine hair) for up to 15 minutes. If this isn’t quite long enough they can be simply replaced in the base for fast re-heat.

4.Easy Grip

Lee Stafford cordless straighteners
Credit: leestaffordelectricals.com

Maintain complete control and effective styling with a specially designed rubberised, soft touch grip.

5.Heat Protection Mat And Storage Bag

Lee Stafford’s Cordless Straighteners even come with a funky mat and storage bag.

6.Safety Feature

Not only is there a safety release on the cord, but the base and the straighteners must be switched on before they can be heated up.

Take the restrictions and stress out of heat styling with Lee Stafford’s Cordless Straighteners. This incredible heating tool ensures easy yet outstanding results whether you desire sleek, curly or wavy hair!

Lee Stafford’s No Strings Attached Cordless Straighteners are priced at £69.99. To view and buy Lee Stafford products visit: https://www.leestaffordelectricals.com





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