Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste
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Your Teeth Are Your Best Feature With Beverly Hills Formula

Maintaining a beautiful smile is the most important part of any beauty regimen. The award-winning Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black mouthwash and toothpaste will ensure your teeth remain in optimum condition whilst achieving unrivalled whitening results.

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste, £4.99 (100ml)

Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste
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Ordinary whitening gels and toothpastes generally contain harsh abrasives or bleach that ultimately cause tooth degeneration and hyper-sensitivity. The Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black toothpaste includes a non-harmful formula that will guarantee highly effective results.

Combined in this innovative toothpaste is activated charcoal. This ingredient is clinically proven to be extremely safe, whilst producing optimum whiteness.

Furthermore, if bad breath is a problem, this toothpaste provides the answer. The extensively researched activated charcoal will destroy any bacteria that would otherwise cause bad breath. It will also neutralise any existing odours, ensuring your breath stays beautifully fresh throughout the day.

Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste
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The highly beneficial qualities in activated charcoal do not end there. It is also highly effective in targeting stubborn stains caused by tannins (found in tea, coffee and red wine). This amazing compound will remove these pesky stains, without harming your enamel.

To ensure exceptional whitening, Beverly Hills Formula has included hydrated silica. This component works in harmony with the activated charcoal to provide an outstanding whitening effect.

Sodium fluoride is combined in this formula to make sure your tooth enamel remains strong, whilst simultaneously protecting your teeth from decay and providing ultimate protection against acids.

Perfect White Black toothpaste is available in 100ml and 125ml sizes.

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Mouthwash, £4.49 (500ml) Superdrug

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Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Mouthwash is a revolutionary formula that is the first of its kind, introducing a ‘shake to activate’ feature. This mouthwash is extensively researched and clinically proven to combat bad breath.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Beverly hills formula charcoal
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This is pure carbon which is then activated or used to create an odourless and tasteless fine black powder.

The highly absorbent compound guarantees effective stain removal, beautifully fresh breath and outstanding levels of stain removal and whitening.

This mouthwash contains other highly beneficial ingredients such as hydrated silica and sodium fluoride. The added components work together to ensure complete removal of the most irksome of stains using the safest of methods.

Furthermore, these specifically formulated ingredients combine to offer full protection of your teeth. Using either or both of these products, you will quickly achieve a Hollywood worthy smile, and you can rest assured your teeth will stay cavity-free and in optimum condition.

The antibacterial properties in this formula further protect us from unpleasant breath by destroying the troublesome bacteria behind the dreaded smell.

For optimum results use Beverly Hills Perfect White Black Toothpaste in conjunction with the Perfect White Black Mouthwash.

You can view and buy Beverly Hills Formula products at Amazon and Superdrug.

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