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We work with highly experienced creatives but should you be unhappy about any incident at the time of shooting, we advise you bring it to our attention immediately, any false accusations will be disregarded, any inappropriate conduct or behaviour may cause your story to become VOID. FRUK has the right to pull out your story as well as change editorial content, name, cover or other and we will not be held responsible for it nor any external issues that may have occured affecting a shoot that wasn’t brought to us on time. Any harassment, intimidation or disappointments would not be tolerated and we have the right to take legal proceedings against you.

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Please note; some online features or reviews may be liable to charges. Charges vary on content and placement and all payments must be confirmed with the Editor in Chief only. Any gifts/samples received does not guarantee a feature online or in print and we DO NOT return samples under any circumstances. So we advise only send us gifts/samples that do not need to be returned.

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