Nair Argon Oil Body Wax Strips And Roll On Wax

Argon Oil as we know it has an excellent reputation for great results of health care. Not only is it used for the hair but it is perfect for the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It has many advantages and has great reviews because many of their products are highly rated. If you have heard of the brand, Nair which is a hair removal cream and if you like it then why not try the Nair Argon version of it. This is not just Nair, it is combined with Argon Oil which has great results after the removal of the hair!

If you want to save money and wax your legs then the perfect product for this would be the, Nair Argon Oil, Body Wax Strips. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and very simple to use.

Image Via Anastasia Frangoulis
Image Via Anastasia Frangoulis

Not only does it contain Argon Oil but it is also combined with Jojoba Oil which is the perfect combination to leaving the skin ultra smooth. It comes with 20 Argon Oil wax strips, 2 cooling pre-wipes and 2 Moisturising post-wipes. Suitable for hair as short as 1.5mm and it lasts for up to four weeks. Although it does depend how fast your hair grows!

Wax strips
Image Via Anastasia Frangoulis

Another special Nair Argon Oil product that is great to use is a Washable Roll-On Wax. This is infused with 100% Moroccan Argon Oil. Now that is what we are talking about!

Image Via Anastasia Frangoulis
Image Via Anastasia Frangoulis

The results of this product lasts up to eight weeks and the fact that it is a washable treatment makes it even better, because you can wash it off easily with soap and water! All you need to do is heat up the wax in the microwave for one minute before applying it to the hair. After applying a layer of the wax onto the skin, you place the strip onto the layer of the wax and smooth it firmly onto the direction of the hair growth, hold the skin tout with one hand and pick up the bottom of the strip with the other and rapidly remove it in a brisk movement in the opposite direction to the application.

These instructions goes with any wax strips you use because even in the salons they wax the same way. It needs to be done as instructed because we do not want your skin to rip!

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