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The Best Gifs Of 2015

The Gif has been around since 1987 and was invented by Steve White. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and it is an image file format, just like a .jpg. Much more captivating than a regular image, and more immediate than accessing an online video, the animated Gif is priceless to the online World. The animated GIF has developed from a basic file type into being a fast and unique form of expression. To celebrate the era of the GIF we thought we’d show you some of the best GIFs of 2015.

1.Best Weirdest GIF

Gif of man with tools
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Everyone likes a little weirdness in their lives. The weirder and more disturbing the GIF – the more we are fascinated and compelled to watch it. There are literally thousands of weird GIFs out there to choose from, but this one really stood out (for some reason).

2. The Funniest GIF

Epic fail
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This GIF, courtesy of is absolutely hilarious.Funny GIFs don’t get much better than this!

3. The Best Christmas GIF

Gif of Santa
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According to, this is one of the best GIFs of 2015. We couldn’t resist adding the oh-so-groovy Santa to our list.

4.Best Anime

Santa giphy
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From Pixar’s Inside Out comes the best anime GIF of 2015.

5. Best TV GIF

GIF of Amy Schumer show
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2015 has been an awesome year for comedy, and for Amy Schumer. This GIF is from her massively popular show, ‘Inside Amy Schumer.’

6. Best Music GIF

GIF of Pitbul
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This year, Pitbul stirred up a lot of controversy with his extremely saucy music videos. Not known for being shy, this GIF describes the womaniser Pitbul in one foul swoop.

7.The Best Kid’s Movie GIF

GIF of Minion movie
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The best children’s movie of 2015 (that even we adults secretly love) has got to be The Minions, and here is an perfect GIF to reflect its awesomeness.

8. The Best Movie GIF 

GIF of Scott Eastwood
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Whilst this may not have been the best movie of 2015, the GIF certainly makes up for it.

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