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The Best Supermarket Vegan Alternatives

We are living in a world more conscious about our surroundings and our environment. We want to save our planet from climate change as well as globalisation. Part of that is changing our diet. Even eating one meal without meat can make such a difference. Making that transition can be quite difficult. So, to help you out, here are the best vegan alternatives for you all non-vegans out there to try this summer.


One of the most iconic and popular brands of vegetarian and vegan food, the Linda McCartney range is known across the country. The Linda McCartney Quarter Pounder Burgers are one of the best vegan alternatives you can find in your local supermarket. Therefore, these go perfectly on the BBQ and have been called one of the most meat-like vegan burgers.



It has been said that finding a vegan sausage that not only tastes but looks like the real thing is very difficult. However, Richmond’s Vegan Sausages seem to do just that. A new addition to supermarket’s vegan range, these sausages have become a favourite to many. In addition, these are made using a unique Irish recipe and stays true to the Richmond range.

bacon plant based


Although more expensive than the other vegan alternatives on this list. This Isn’t Bacon Rashers are a must-have if you’re thinking of going bacon. Finding a good bacon rasher that can live up to the meat rashers is something so many have struggled with. But these rashers are simply divine. Perfect to have with your full English breakfast or even just a simple bacon sandwich.

quorn chicken nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

How could we miss out Quorn? The leading brand in vegan and vegetarian alternatives, their Chicken Nuggets are almost legendary. Known to be as tasty, almost like their meat counterparts, these are a staple in every British freezer.

plant based mince


Mince is one of the most versatile pieces on this list. It can be used to make burgers, used to make Bolognese, use to make meatballs. The Meatless Farm Mince is one of the best vegan, plant-based mince right now and tastes delicious.

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