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The Dyson Hair Dryer Is Here And It’s Awesome

It was no surprise that having nailed the hoover world, Dyson’s hair dryer would be one to be reckoned with. Well, it’s even better than you may have imagined. Why you ask? Here are 7 reasons the mini Dyson hair dryer is ”Supersonic’.

1.Its Amazingly Quick

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
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Can dry your locks very quickly. There will be no need to rush out of the door knowing you haven’t given your hair the necessary attention it needs.

2.No More Over-Dried And Stressed Hair

Dyson hair dryer
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At the risk of sounding too technical, this hair dryer has an in-built microprocessor that regulates the temperature, ensuring our hair stays perfectly free from damage.

3.No Danger Of Overheating

This Dyson comes with a smart thermometer which works super hard to check the temperature every 20 seconds, thus preventing it from over-heating. Smart huh?

4.How Many Styles? Dyson Has It Covered

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Now there’s no need to buy a separate diffusing or smoothing hair dryer. The mini Dyson includes 3 different nozzles. One is for diffusing and creating luscious curls; one is for smoothing, and the other for styling. To add to the joy of owning this Dyson, these nozzles are magnetically attached.

5.It Is Quiet!

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Gone are the days when you have to shout over your hair dryer to put the kettle on. This hair dryer is so much quieter; it almost feels like a breath of fresh air.

6.Ice Cold

Talking of fresh air ; this Dyson hair dryer’s cool setting is cold, cold, cold. This means no hair wreck, no head wreck.

7.Enhances Natural Shine

With no overheating and smart temperature regulation, your hair will welcome this product. Your hair drying will change from being progressively damaging to a process that actually enhances healthy and shiny hair. Awesome!

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