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The FDA Has Approved Two Game-Changing Dermal Fillers

It’s good news for those who look to dermal fillers to stave off the pesky signs of aging – the FDA has just approved two new dermal fillers that make laughter lines and deep-set wrinkles do a disappearing act – without it being painfully obvious you have a face full of filler!

The well-known manufacturer, Galderma, announced the approval of the two new fillers that improve nasolabial lines and wrinkles (nose to mouth), and plump out moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

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Restylane Refyne has been approved to combat moderate to severe facial wrinkles that stretch from the nose to the mouth, whilst Restylane Defyne treats deep facial wrinkles.

Utilising the advanced XpressHAN technology, Galderma has created a smooth gel. Once injected, the gel ensures an exceptionally natural-looking effect, that exceeds the results of other products.

During a recent press release Galderma announced:  “XpresHAn Technology customizes the degree of hyaluronic acid (HA) crosslinking in each product, resulting in gels with a range of flexibility and support characteristics for different patient needs.”

What this basically means is that the new hyaluronic acid gel works by adapting and flexing in accordance with your face, so that you can smile without looking…a bit weird!  people will think you look great without realising it’s down to filler.

Galmerda stated that both Restylane Defyne and Refyne have undergone extensive clinical tests. The results of these were highly successful and showed a significant improvement to wrinkles, of which lasts for approximately 12 months.

What Are The Side Effects?

You can expect the same bruising, redness, swelling and tenderness in the new Restylane fillers as any other filler – but as they say, ‘no pain, no gain.’

These inconveniences are temporary, usually lasting no more than a couple of weeks.

Although the FDA has approved these fillers, it is reassuring to know that further clinical studies and tests are being conducted by Galderma.

If you are hoping to try these new Restylane fillers, you will not have long to wait as they will be available in the UK any day now.

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