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The Most Successful Mood Boosters

Almost all of us know of someone who seems to be permanently happy – maybe that person is you. Here are 6 of the most successful mood boosters, for those of you who secretly yearn for a bit more of the ‘happy ‘ factor.

1. Think yourself happy

This is probably the simplest, yet one of the most effective ways to improve your mood in general. It is too easy to slip into a rut of feeling a bit negative, or slightly down. Sometimes the negativity sticks, and the answer is just a case of thinking of yourself as happy. Each time an unwanted thought creeps in, stamp it out with a positive one. This mood booster will soon change your outlook, without you even realising the transformation.

2. Selenium up!

Extensive research has proven an increase of the mineral selenium greatly improves confidence, happiness, and positivity. A supplement is often helpful for combatting the blues and is a very successful mood booster!

3. Never miss breakfast


Make sure you get the Frosties out in the morning; studies show that people who eat breakfast are happier. Depriving your system of the necessary nutrients in the morning results in low moods and prolonged tiredness.

4. Be peaceful

Are you one of those people whom will stress over everything? Try not to let daily problems or worries get the better of you; it won’t change anything, apart from heightening your stress levels. Instead, try to adopt this mood boosting policy –  to be peaceful. Taking this approach will not only aid your overall mood, but it will support your general view of the world, helping you better deal with things.

5. Pick up the phone

If you are having a nightmare of a day (or week), call your best friend a let it all out. Having a chat with a mate is proven to promote intense feelings of happiness and relaxation in women. There’s never been a better reason for ‘lunching’ or coffee shop time.

6. Have a hug!


If you are feeling a tad down, find someone (preferably someone you know) and have a cuddle. A simple hug, though often overlooked, will lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), whilst encouraging the production of feel good chemicals in the brain. Happy days!

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