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The New Non-surgical Beauty Treatment For ‘Cankles’

Lasers are the latest non-surgical beauty trend to take the world by storm. Formerly used for acne and hair reduction, lasers are now the go-to treatment for non-surgical rejuvenation as well as reduction of stubborn cellulite and fat. That’s all very well for problem areas like the thighs and stomach – but what about the insane places where fat decides to migrate, such as the ankles?

The term ‘cankles’ refer to the area on above the ankles of which due to some cruel twist of fate have blended into the calf (half calf, half ankle). There comes a hideous point when you realise that your ankles cannot simply be swollen.

Swollen ankle

Now, ridding yourself of this problem has never been easier. Clinics have come up with a laser that will effectively reduce a person’s ‘cankles’, unveiling once more, a world where beautiful shoes can be worn without dread.

Should you want to opt for this instead of woolly socks or support tights, the laser treatment is called SculpSure, of which comes under the title, ‘cankle contouring’.

By lasering the cells around the entire ankle area, the treatment targets, contours, rejuvenates and shapes unsightly ankles, transforming them into a more youthful and shapely alternative.

Sore ankle

The beauty about the ‘cankle contour’, is there is absolutely no damage and no downtime. You can pop in to a clinic for the procedure during your lunch hour, and no one will be any the wiser. In fact, they would still be ignorant to the fact you received this treatment until 6-12 weeks later, and then – boom, amazing ankles! You can go ahead and buy those Velentino shoes, and the only thing you will have to worry about will be finding a pair to fit your feet! (As far as we are aware, nothing can be done about foot size, as yet.)

SculpSure costs about £500 per ankle. This is pretty pricey, so unless ‘cankles’ are the bane of your life, perhaps a pair of funky boots would suffice.

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