The Photo Filters That Get The Most Likes

A study has found the filters that get the most “likes” and just a hint… it’s not #nofilter! Once you’ve taken that awesome picture, you’re then faced with the difficult decision of choosing a filter which will make your photo stand out (as if it didn’t already!) and get you all those likes you really want. But according to a study carried out by Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech there are some filters which get more likes than others. In an analysis of 7.6 million public photos uploaded on Flickr’s smartphone app, half of which were also shared on Instagram, it was found that pictures with filters were more popular than unedited pictures. Based on this study pictures with filters are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on! So we suggest that if you were considering to leave that photo “au naturel” just don’t!

The study shows that edited photos get more “likes” on social media

So now we’ve convinced you to edit the photo (maybe…hopefully) we now come across the challenge of choosing the best filter. Even though this hugely depends on the style, setting and colouring of the photo, the study revealed that filters which increase contrast, correct exposure problems and involve “warmer” Colour temperatures is the way to go. Using warmer colour undertones shouldn’t come as such a surprise, as research over and over again has shown that wearing warm colours, like red, is considered much more attractive.

This means that you should be looking at filters like Mayfair, Lo-Fi, Rise and Perpetua, increasing the contrast, adding orange and red highlights and shadows whilst keeping your fingers off that fade setting!

Pictures with a greater contrast are more popular online
As in research which shows that wearing red is considered to be more attractive, the same theory applies to adding warmer undertones to pictures.
Photos with warmer tones are more popular
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The final photo: According to the study, edited pictures like the one above would receive more attention