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The Rising Popularity of Apple TV’s Ted Lasso

After its monumental win at the Emmys, there has been some new attention on Apple TV’s Ted Lasso. This is a show that so many have cited as a new kind of comedy, one that is heartfelt and kind. It subverts the genre in so many different ways and the recognition it is now getting is well-deserved. But what is it about this show that makes it so special?

Football Frenzy

This football-based comedy is extremely popular in the U.S and it seems its popularity is now coming across the pond here in the U.K. We first meet Ted, an American football coach, seemingly out of his depth coaching an English team, AFC Richmond. The players hate him, the fans despise him and it seems that he won’t be able to win them all around. Luckily for both Ted and the audience, the more he learns about football and the people he is working with, the better the relationships become and the more chances they receive.

One wonderful aspect of the show is you don’t need to know about or even enjoy football to enjoy the show. Ted, being almost clueless about football is an actual blessing for viewers. As Ted learns, so does the audience. The show has been praised for demonstrating what the English game is really about, the process, and the jobs of each person on the team. It’s nice to see a different side to football, especially with so much negativity in football culture.

Football Frenzy Ted Lasso

Strong Bonds

Ted Lasso has been praised for so many subversion of the genre, and one, in particular, is the strong bonds created within the show between different characters. Characters who you wouldn’t have put together, characters who seemed to despise each other, characters who just work. Keeley and Rebecca are two strong, real female characters, brought to life by Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham These two are best friends on and off-screen, and their chemistry is just palpable. You can really tell how much these characters care, love, and admire each other.

In addition to this friendship, there have been many others. One recent and quite interesting interaction was between Roy and Jamie. These two characters have constantly been against each other from the start. There seemed to be such a raw hatred for one another. However, that was all put aside and the two characters came together in one of the most heartfelt moments in both seasons. The raw emotions showed in this particular scene really hit home with some viewers and demonstrated how important this show is.

Strong bonds Ted Lasso

Positive Characterisation

It is extremely rare to find a character like Ted in the media. Ted, who may be one of the most positive characters in T.V, seemingly doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He sees the good in everyone, even people who can’t see it themselves. He never undermines the people around him, something that is so often done with T.V and film coaches or people in a position of power. Slowly, the team does come around to Ted and his slightly different ways. His infectious charm, something the show itself has, can’t help but bring a smile to the team’s faces. Even the ones trying to bring him down.

It’s very rare in film or T.V that viewers are greeted with such a friendly, positive, and kind protagonist. Of course, there is a reason Ted is this way. There’s a reason that no one ever really sees the real Ted. But that doesn’t take away how important it is to have characters like Ted on T.V. Characters who put a smile on your face, put a smile on the other character’s face. These are the types of characters we need to see more of.


Triumphs and Downfalls

Life is never easy; it’s full of both ups and downs. This is something everyone experiences, no matter who they are. Ted Lasso seems to capture that sentiment so clearly. Just when the audience thinks Richmond might actually be on a roll, might actually do well in a match, it all comes tumbling down. But that is something that works so well with this show. We see the characters in all aspects of their lives. We see the good, the bad, and the ugly. But that is what makes them so real. One minute the audience is enjoying a wonderful scene between Higgins and his wife. The next, the laughing stops when an emotional scene between Rebecca and Ted, ones that mean so much, come on the screen.

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