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Time Bomb’s Mass Appeal Creates Instant Volume For Fine Or Thin Hair

Time Bomb never fail to deliver outstanding skincare products and their haircare range are proving to be just as impressive. We had the pleasure of reviewing their Mass Appeal Hair Thickening Supplement – and just like Time Bomb’s ability to provide a rejuvenation overhaul for the skin, this serum creates instant thickness and volume on thinning hair that may have fallen victim to the hands of time. Read on:

Should your hair look a little lifeless and limp, or is showing signs of thinning, Time Bomb’s Mass Appeal offers a refreshingly unique treatment compared to other products on the market. Unlike other thickening agents, this product is provided in such a lightweight formula, that there is practically no trace of the serum in your hair. This comes as a HUGE relief, given that most other products make your locks feel as if they are coated in wallpaper paste!

We tested the Mass Appeal on very fine, thin hair and it literally adds instant body and volume with as much ease as blowing up a balloon (using an air pump).  You need only a pea-sized amount, the serum is quickly absorbed without residue and the results are an immediate thickness, whilst frizz is kept to a minimum. Better yet, hair appears perfectly conditioned, glossy and manageable – without a smidgen of stiff strands in sight!

mass appeal

The Mass Appeal serum is incredibly long-lasting too – meaning a bottle of this awesome product will keep you going for months.

Time Bomb Mass Appeal Hair Thickening Supplement is priced at £18.50 (150ml). To view and buy this product visit:


For best results use in conjunction with Time Bomb’s Larger Than Life Shampoo (£17, 250ml) and Conditioner (£17, 250ml).

Should you love this then why not try their Strike A Pose Modeling Hairspray? Priced at £17 (200ml), this hairspray is used by hairdressers and makeup artists as it effortlessly creates the perfect hold without causing hair to become brittle. What is more, this product combines a super-blend of fixative resins that will become liquefied whenever additional products are used; thus, enabling you to repeatedly rework your hairstyles without ever encountering the dreaded stiff cardboard finish. Yay!




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