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I wonder what he looks like...

Tips For Online Dating Disasters

Online dating has grown in popularity, becoming one of the leading businesses in the UK. Almost everyone knows someone whom has dated a person they met online. However, dating over the web brings to the table, one massive risk –you are going in blind, and you never know who or what you are going to get. (A bit like a box of chocolates with a few extra coffee creams thrown in).

You may not be meeting the person you thought you were chatting to. In order to save you from a potentially dreary night with a 60yr old perv, (or worse) here are a few tips to help you escape a blind date from hell.

Picture of woman with a laptop
I wonder what he looks like…

1.Tell your friends/family.

Never go on a blind date with someone you’ve met online, without first telling your friends and family. Make sure someone knows where about you intend to be.

2.Choose a familiar setting.

When picking the venue, choose somewhere you have visited several times before, such as one of your favourite restaurants or coffee shops. That way, if you have unwittingly hooked up with a psycho, you will be in a setting where people know you.

3. Make a get-out-quick plan.

In case your date doesn’t turn out to Thor, or the Mr Pitt you’d envisaged, make a get-out-quick plan. Ask a friend to call you at a certain time, so that you can make your excuses and leave if need be.

4. Never share a taxi.


Even if the guy you meet seems great, you have never met him before and he could be a little‘crazy’. Err on the side of caution by arranging a lift home in advance by a family member or friend. Never accept a ride home in his car after the first date, and the same applies to sharing a taxi..

Stick to these rules, and if your date turns out to be a disaster, you will be safe in the knowledge all you will lose is a bit of time.

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