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Tongoro: Haute couture made in Senegal

In 2016, self made entrepreneur, Sarah Diouf launched Tongoro Studio. Tongoro is an African Haute Couture brand made in Senegal. Ever since, it has revolutionised African fashion.

After the brand launched, it was with no surprise that Tongoro, the Haute Couture brand made in Senegal, rose to fame. Celebrities like Beyonce, Burna boy, Naomi Campbell, Sami Adegoke as well as Tiwa Savage love Tongoro. This clothing line started with its signature colour black and white and has taken the African fashion world to another level.

Born in Paris, raised in Ivory Coast by a Senegalese and a Congolese mother, Sarah Diouf remains close to her roots which inspired haute couture brand. For every of her creations, Sarah inspires herself from the warmth received when traveling to Senegal. A warmth described by the word and practice of “La Teranga” meaning being welcoming, warm and loving to strangers. A practice well known in Senegal and throughout Africa. Therefore, her designs are simple and welcoming. Dark skinned, natural African models usually presents her piece.

Tongoro Studio White Dress

With time she explored different patterns and colours. Indeed, it showed the Haute Couture world, the African culture’s wealth and heritage. With all her pieces, she still explored a style enhancing freedom of movement. In the picture below, Beyoncé is wearing one of her piece for the award winning narrative Black is King. She widely recommended Sarah Diouf in her approved Black owned business directory, Black Parade Route.

Not only Sarah Diouf worked on expanding her line but she also aims to contribute to the motherland’s development. Precisely Senegal, is now her home. She explains her ambitions in her must watch documentary “Made in Africa”. In this documentary, she tells us how the brand came to be, how it bloomed and her hope for the future of African fashion. In her magazine Made she explores her wish and faith in Afrcan fashion further:

“More than a trend, I believe African fashion is here to stay and will progressively and significantly take more space in the global (and continental) retail landscape.”

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