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Top 5 iconic fashion moments from the movies

We are all constantly looking for fashion inspiration and where better to look than the silver screen? The clothing or costumes can really make or break a film. So many characters are renowned for their exquisite style and fashion; and they’ve become fashion icons through this. Here are some of the most iconic film outfits of the last century.


clueless film movie

Surely this film needs no introduction. As if? Cher Horowitz’s wardrobe was a complete game-changer – the plaid, the furs, the mesh, the hair. Completely iconic. Cher wears a whooping 30 outfits in this film, and all are just as iconic as the other. Although not the first plaid outfit that pops to mind when talking about Clueless, how could we not look at this truly incredible outfit? The red plaid, the little, black beret, Alicia’s cute face? Yes, please. What more could you ask for? iconic film outfits


sharon stone

There can’t be a more iconic woman than Sharon Stone in Casino. A film dominated by men, Sharon shines in this film, not only in her acting but all of her absolutely stunning outfits. It’s hard to pick just one, but it has to be the first time we see Ginger. The gorgeous halter neck, white mini dress with white sequins is a stand-out. A complete classic, Stone is a true beauty in this scene and any viewer is mesmerised because of this iconic look. iconic film outfits

Legally Blonde

reese witherspoon

One of the most iconic film outfits is this gorgeous two-tone, pink, wrap dress. Not only is this an iconic piece, but it’s also worn during the pivotal moment of the film, when Elle confidently proves she can hold her own, win the case and be stylish while doing it. In addition to wearing some of the most iconic outfits in the early 2000s, Witherspoon apparently still owns 77 pairs of shoes from the two films, and who can blame her?


Before Clueless, there was Heathers, the film that really took a dark turn, especially with those shoulder pads… Now a hit musical, the original film was known for its preppy blazers, pleated skirts, and collared shirts. However, this film’s most iconic outfit has to go to one and only Winona Ryder. Sporting a simple, off-the-shoulder sweater with a slimming, black dress, Veronica’s electric style shines through. In this film accessories are everything and what outfit would be complete without the aqua blue tights?

Mean Girls

Mean girls

Mean Girls was a social reset. So many quotable moments, so many iconic fashion moments. It’s a film that will never be forgotten. Out of all of the iconic film outfits, this is the most simple, however is definitely ‘of its time’. Each of the Plastics have their own style; Gretchen goes for a more preppy look and stuns in this pleated mini skirt with an iconic Burberry t-shirt. So fetch, right?

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