Tovi Sorga – Handcrafting Leather Into Art

Looking for something new and different this season? Why not try out something leather – but not just any leather, artful pieces bound to turn heads and have compliments flying your way. Well check out our new find; Tovi Leather, founded by artist and leather jeweller Tovi Sorga, British accessories brand Tovi Sorga make printed leather bags and accessories.

“Experts in printed leather, Tovi Sorga produces some of the finest leather finishes available in the world today. Using a unique technique that produces rich, saturated colours and astonishing detail without the plastic lacquers found on the majority of today’s printed leather products, Tovi Sorga accessories are remarkably sensuous, maximising the scent and tactility of luxurious natural hides. Hand-crafted in Britain from responsibly sourced materials, these are exquisite, heirloom products”.


Imagery inspired by the natural world, by textiles, art, architecture, music and the possibilities of the digital world are used to decorate functional pieces that both delight the eye and ease modern living. At the heart of the work are the brand’s rich, delicate prints. Celebrating Tovi and co-designer Agnes Davis love for nature, purses, wallets and mouse mats are covered with the impressions of lace and decoupage roses, of flowers from an English summer and a Dutch spring. Phone cases appear etched from Chinese porcelain and Japanese gold gingko leaf. Vibrant charms cut into the shape of butterflies and cowry shells are printed with wonderful accuracy, mimicking the natural creatures themselves.image
In contrast to the flora and fauna of previous collections, the latest entitled Möbius, explores futuristic ideas of transforming 2D shapes into 3D forms. Line and texture are combined to create dynamic, illusionistic designs that are at once contemporary and classical. Modern forms are warped to the point where they find their own life. A colour palette of pastels and oily crystals lifted by sassy neons and metallic is inspired as much by nature as by wonder at the digital universe.imageimageTovi Sorga encompasses functional pieces such as iPhone cases, tablet cases and mouse mats, carefully designed to facilitate the use of tech in everyday life. Purses and wallets are essential adjuncts while reversible fold-over clutches, one print playing beautifully against the other, and long, elegant totes with strong straps lined in contrasting colours carry everyday objects. Delightful fillips such as charms and tassels, ideal for decorating bags and accessories double-up as key rings. Wide, reversible belts, handcrafted from the thinnest Kobe hides, allow wearers to take inspiration from Japanese costume; to fold, wrap, twist, knot and sculpt, as they want.imageTo see the full collection visit their website and keep up with the brand via Instagram.imageThe brand is committed to creating exquisite, responsible, heirloom British products, with the leather carefully sourced from Britain and Europe to create as low a carbon footprint as possible.

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