200ml Olverum bath oil
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Transform Your Bath Time With Olverum Bath Oil

How do we ensure our bath products will provide us with pampered luxury, stress relief, and skin rejuvenation, without the need for a multitude of potions at the ready? Olverum Bath Oil’s exclusive and sumptuous blend of essential oils will transform your bath time into one of bliss. As Olverum is fast-becoming a world sensation, we thought we would see what all the hype is about. Once you try Olverum, no other bath oil can compete.

Olverum Bath Oil is so concentrated that a little bit really does go a long way. In fact only 5ml is required for each bath. Moreover, practically all of this oil is absorbed into the skin, which is noticeable by the lack of oily residue usually left behind in the bath.

Stress Relief For Mind And Body.

Should stress and trouble sleeping be an issue, Olverum is an ideal solution. The bath oil contains well-researched and specifically formulated with plant extracts known for their rejuvenating, relaxing, and stress-relieving properties, for both the mind and body. Rosemary has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and aid mental clarity, whilst true lavender promotes mental calm and a full and peaceful sleep.

Included in this traditional oil is exotic verbena and lavandin – both of which contain properties that are paramount in ensuring total relaxation. Exotic verbena is hailed by the indigenous Taiwanese for its ability to lift spirits, offer stress relief, and aid sleep.

Muscle Treatment

200ml Olverum bath oil
           Sourced via: olverum.com

Not only does this magical oil ease away any stress, but also with the help of the Siberian fir needle, your muscles will feel restored and soothed.

Energize And Rejuvenate

Olverum bath oil travel set
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Olverum includes a variety of plant extracts that contribute to mind and body rejuvenation. Geranium and true lavender add their cleansing, uplifting scent, whilst The Siberian fir needle (think Christmas tree) has much more to offer than Christmas symbolism. Oil derived from this tree found deep in the wooded Siberian taiga, has been utilized by native wise women and Shamans for centuries. It is recognized for being much more than a treatment for minor wounds and muscle aches. The Siberian fir was believed by Shamans to be the Spirit of the Forest. Linking Heaven and Earth, it is said to sustain life and power cosmic energy.

Since 1931 Olverum Bath Oil has astounded people with its capability of revitalizing the entire body, yet thoroughly relaxing and soothing away unwanted mental and physical pain, bestowing upon you, an uncompromised rest.

This bath treatment contains the extracts of 10 plants, including beautifully scented eucalyptus, and the beneficial components in lemon, lime, and juniper.

Olverum Bath Oil indulges you in a truly pampering experience, immersing you in scented luxury and nurturing your mind and body, so that all you will feel is peaceful rejuvenation – oh, and silky soft skin!

Olverum Bath Oil is available in a handy travel set, containing 3 handy 15ml bottles.

Olverum Bath Oil (125ml) = £26, (250ml) =£48

For all Olverum products visit: www.olverum.com




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