absolute collagen
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Transform Your Skin With Absolute Collagen Daily Dose Of Beauty

Keeping your beautiful skin radiant and youthful takes more than the best skincare products. Absolute Collagen has created a Daily Dose of Beauty; a liquid supplement that guarantees maximum benefits at minimal cost or effort.

Extensive studies show ingestible collagen goes a long way to staving off the unwanted signs of aging. Containing a rich supply (the highest concentrated dose) of high-grade type 1 collagen within a small drinkable dose makes Absolute Collagen an all-powerful anti-aging supplement that works from the inside to effectively thwart the signs of aging.

Over time our collagen levels begin to deplete, causing lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to form. Worse still, lack of collagen will cause deterioration of connective tissues. By the time we reach the age of 40, we will have lost a staggering third of our collagen supply. Dermatologists and scientists state that replacing this lost collagen (from the inside and as a topical formula) is crucial in maintaining our youthful appearance for as long as possible.

This is the reason that Absolute Collagen is created to provide the best delivery of high-end collagen and little else.

Included in Absolute Collagens formula is the highest concentrated dose of premium peptan f2000 hydrolyzed marine collagen. Each 10ml packet gives 8000mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen, 36 calories and 9 grams of protein.

Furthermore, this innovative supplement also combines vitamin C, due to the fact that it works in harmony with the marine collagen to ensure the ultimate rejuvenation and tissue renewal!

Facts About Collagen:

Collagen aids in the formation of a fibrous network within the dermis, allowing new cells to grow.

Collagen is needed for the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells.

Found in the bones, skin and connective tissue, collagen offers vital structural support, as well as strength and supporting elastin to provide skin elasticity.

The Benefits Of Absolute Collagen:

absolute collagen
Credit: absolutecollagen.com

Otherwise known as fish collagen, marine collagen is sourced from cold water fish. It has incredible bioavailability (this basically means the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the body).

Marine collagen enters the bloodstream faster than other types of collagen, making this the best source of collagen for you.

With regular use of Absolute Collagen, your skin will look plumper, smoother and you will notice a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles! Yay!

Should you have dry or thinning hair and nails that seem to break at random, this supplement will feel like 10ml of a miracle formula you will not want to let go.  Your hair and nails will be massively transformed as collagen enhances hair thickening and strengthening, and even encourages growth. Absolute Collagen also strengthens the nails, thus preventing the dreaded breakage.

The benefits of marine collagen do not end there. Not only does it support the repair of joints, ligaments and muscles, but it even improves skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis!

We tried Absolute Collagen for one week and we couldn’t believe the difference in our skin!

Absolute Collagen Daily Dose of Beauty is priced at £29.99 (14 x 10ml)

To view and buy this incredible supplement visit: http://www.absolutecollagen.com


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