samaya skincare
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Treat Your Skin To Samaya Ayurvedic Skincare

By focusing on Ayurvedic values and the use of the finest natural ingredients, Samaya ensures the most effective skincare for every individual. Samaya has received so much hype for its holistic, yet successful results, we’d thought we would find out what all the fuss is about.

Samaya skincare
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All-natural skincare brand, Samaya is based on the ancient Ayurvedic principles to achieve a ‘perfect balance’ in life. By supporting every individual in discovering their dosha type, the optimum skin treatment  and tranquility can thus be provided. Let us explain:

By combining these values with extensively researched and clinically proven anti-aging ingredients, Samaya’s cleansers and creams will transform your skin whilst ensuring a thoroughly relaxing experience.

There are three dosha types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Samaya anti-aging cream

We reviewed the pitta cleanser of which represents a person of well-proportioned and compact build, and whom has a focused mind and a love of order.

Samaya’s Pitta Cleanser offers exceptional hydrating and nourishing benefits whilst simultaneously and thoroughly cleansing the skin.

Using Ayurvedic botanicals allows the cleanser to deeply soak into the skin, targeting and removing all makeup and impurities. The outcome is a complexion that is noticeably purified, whilst being infinitely more radiant and rejuvenated.

Included In The Pitta Cleanser:

1.Gotu Kola

You may not know this plant, but after reading this, it is likely to become your new skincare must-have. The Gotu Kola plant is brimming with benefits for the skin, as it includes amazing anti-aging properties that firm and tighten, aiding skin restoration and to maintain a youthful glow.


Samaya has included jasmine in this formula due to its long list of exceptional benefits for the skin (too long to include here). However, what you can draw from it as a great cleansing ingredient, is that jasmine greatly improves dry and dehydrated skin, as well as being a super astringent and antiseptic – making it the perfect component in a cleanser.


An incredible addition to this formula due to its ability to bind cells together, ensuring skin rejuvenation.


Another fabulous ingredient is lotus, of which provides a wealth of nutrients to enrich, nourish and protect the skin. The result is a bright and radiant complexion.


Loaded with exceptional qualities, neem oil works harmoniously with the other ingredients to create unrivalled results. Containing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties ensures Samaya Pitta Cleanser provides a thorough cleanse, diminishing blemishes and protecting the skin from breakouts. Additionally, neem oil boasts a rich supply of nutrients and antioxidants to further care for, repair and protect the skin, whilst effectively calming and soothing the mind!


Saffron is a fantastic component to ward off acne and blemishes, and transforms dull skin into one of radiant luminosity.


Samaya has combined turmeric due to its vast array of skin benefits. These include acne diminishing, skin brightening, pigmentation reducing and wrinkle banishing qualities.

Furthermore, this outstanding cleanser boasts a beautiful scent with a proven mood-boosting effect. The delicate aroma reduces anxiety and stress levels, and even boosts your energy levels – making this the go-to cleanser before a stressful day at work!

The pitta cleanser’s array of healing, nourishing, rejuvenating, protective and immensely toning properties, make this cleanser a product you will never want to run out of.

For optimum results use Samaya’s Pitta cleanser with Samaya’s rapidly absorbing Pitta Anti-Ageing Cream. By combining an intensive blend of active ingredients, Samaya’s Pitta Anti-Ageing Cream works in harmony with the cleanser to completely transform the skin.

Samaya’s Pitta Cleanser is priced at £69. To view and buy Samaya products visit: Alternatively, you can visit their shop at Fenwick, Bond St.

For more information on the benefits of turmeric for the skin, visit:




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