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Turn Back Time With The New Silhouette Soft Treatment

Aging may be a cruel fact of life, but aesthetically speaking we no longer need to be the victim. Before recent years people looking for effective long-term rejuvenation would have to look to surgery, but thanks to the innovative and superior Silhouette Soft treatment we can enjoy natural and outstanding rejuvenation without the hefty price tag or health risks attached.

Due to its incredible results, The Silhouette Soft treatment at Beyond MediSpa, London is fast-becoming the must-have rejuvenation treatment for those in the know. Given the ever-growing media attention and rave reviews, we decided to check out Dr. Wassim Taktouk’s Silhouette Soft Facial Rejuvenation to see if it lives up to all the hype.

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Silhouette Soft is the #1 solution for sagging facial contours, lines and wrinkles, hollows to the side of the face and a heavy appearance to the chin or cheeks. This advanced technological procedure is the only aesthetic product that combines two key rejuvenation actions with hugely successful results.

The ground-breaking treatment will not only achieve an immediate lifting effect, but also provides gradual and unbelievably effective regeneration from within. The outcome is acquiring a complexion that looks 10 years younger, yet 100% natural (#lifegoals). Furthermore, this treatment can be performed in as little as 1 hour; therefore, no one need ever know you’ve had anything done!

Silhouette soft

As soon as you enter the treatment room at Beyond MediSpa, Harvey Nichols, Dr. Wassim Taktouk and his team put you at ease. Dr. Taktouk’s friendly, yet professional manner and strong ethical values are immediately apparent. His concern first and foremost is to listen to, and understand his client’s wishes and to provide the best possible approach that caters for their individual needs.

Dr. Wassim is a well-respected, advanced aesthetic doctor. He offers a full consultation to determine whether the treatment is suitable and then devises a bespoke treatment plan for each individual. Although the Silhouette Soft procedure involves a needle and several injections, Dr. Taktouk’s expert knowledge and well-respected reputation puts any concerns at bay.

So, What Does The Silhouette Soft Treatment Do?


1.Refines facial structure.

2.Greatly reduces lines and wrinkles.

3.Increases volume both immediately and over time.

4.Immediate natural lifting effect.

5.Stimulates collagen production thus enabling continual benefits.

6.Exceptional improvement to the mandible, malar and neck area.

7.Droopy eyebrows can be greatly improved.

8.Results will last up to 18months!

So How Does Silhouette Soft® Work?

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This highly advanced, yet safe treatment is performed via the use of special absorbable thread cones. These are made in the United States and have been utilized for many years for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The cones are made of polylactic acid (or PLA) – a natural substance often used in pharmaceutical and medical applications such as suture thread.

silhouette soft

The sutures are carefully inserted about 3-5mm below the surface of the skin using a fine needle and are held in place using the absorbable cones. The cones are placed precisely in accordance to the area being treated. Next, the sutures are compressed and massaged to create the miraculous lifting effect.

The components used are naturally absorbed into the body, meaning there is no need to have them removed.

This may sound a little scary for some people, however in reality, the treatment is no more painful than having a dermal filler. The worst part is the anaesthetic injection! Throughout the entire procedure, Dr. Wassim Taktouk takes every step to ensure you are totally comfortable; his friendly approach, professionalism and skill are such that you will be surprised at how quickly and seamlessly the procedure is completed.

Who is Silhouette Soft® For?

Silhouette Soft is perfect for those in their 30’s and 40’s who do not want to endure a full face-lift, but who are searching for highly effective rejuvenation (particularly in the mid to lower facial region). Should this sound familiar, we recommend you visit Dr. Wassim Taktouk and treat yourself to the immediate youth that Silhouette Soft will provide. You will be amazed at the results!

silhouette soft

This invaluable unisex treatment is suitable for all skin types. It can address:


Lower jaw

Cheeks and cheekbones



What To Expect:

The skin may initially appear red or wrinkled, but this will quickly settle down. You may encounter a small bruise or two, but that is about as bad as it gets. In comparison to a face lift, this treatment is a breeze!

What Not To Do:

Immediately after your treatment is advisable not to stretch your mouth (so no visiting any comedy club on the way home).

For the following week, you must avoid other beauty treatments, this includes dental work. Also avoid contact sport and try to sleep on your back with your head elevated for a few days.

In short, if you have had fillers, you can expect the pain level to be somewhat similar. Afterwards, the sensation is tight and slightly uncomfortable, and you probably will not want to eat for several hours, but in our eyes (and every other person who sees you thereafter) this is a small price to pay for unbelievable rejuvenation!

The Silhouette Soft Treatment varies in price, depending on your specific requirements and amount of threads used. This would be determined during your consultation. However, you can rest assured this incredible procedure far surpasses the surgical alternative – and at a fraction of the cost!

To book a consultation at Beyond MediSpa, Harvey Nichols, London:

Telephone: 0207 201 8595


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