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Everything you need to know about Keys Soulcare

Keys Soulcare is the vegan, cruelty free skincare that you did not know you needed to glow from the inside out. Embrace a Soulcare routine and get the Keys Soulcare glow.

Keys Soulcare is the vegan beauty brand to help bring out your natural glow. Launched last February, each products have received beautiful reviews. They come with a mantra to complete your skin care routine. We know Alicia Keys to be a zen, hippie soul, full of love, a poet, a songwriter; so it was not a surprise to discover nurturing words behind each products. Alicia firmly believes that mantras and affirmations are the way to go to balance our souls out. Not only looking after the physical glow but our inner lights. She uses affirmations such as I walk in my own strength or I shine at full wattage.

Alicia Keys and the be luminous exfoliator

She also hosts Keys Soulcare Lounge, a virtual celebration of her skin care line and a celebration of the self with an amazing panel of people who knows about inner and outer beauty, underlined with her beautiful, uplifting music. Including celebrities like Deepak Chopra, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jane Atkin. Moreover, Keys Soulcare has an amazing platform to allow every day people share their stories and experiences to develop a more positive outlook on life – called lightworkers and the Keys Soulcare website is full of them to shine a little light for people who need it.

Keys Soulcare products set

In this world where self care has become a way to keep our head above the water; Keys Soulcare is a brand that is much needed to complete our selfcare routine. Its uniqueness lays in those mantras and self affirming quotes. Here is another mantra to elevate your souls:

I am layered complex and divine.

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