Marvel’s Wandavision Sitcom: Wanda’s Outfit Change Through the Decades

Marvel’s Wandavision was one of the most successful projects Marvel has released in recent years. Several episodes take inspiration from sitcoms of a particular time along with it, Wanda’s fashion highlights the different styles of each decade. Here’s how Wanda’s outfits were inspired by the amazing fashion of the time.


We first see Wanda in the 1950s, living her best housewife life. I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show are heavy influences for the first episode of Wandavision. Wanda’s fashion consists of A-line silhouettes, heels, a cinched waist, and a flowy sleeping gown. One particular fashion choice that really sets the scene for this decade was Wanda’s dress during this dinner scene. The sweetheart neckline, detailing on her chest, and wrap-style bow are classics of the 1950s


Moving onto the 1960s, Wanda is still going for that ‘housewife’ style but her fashion is far more modern and casual compared to her neighbours. Wearing matching pleated pants and blouse shows off her style, in a more fashionable way. Heavily inspired by Bewitched, this episode of Wandavision also showcases a slightly more revealing outfit in the magic act. Wanda wears a sparkled leotard with elegant gloves, a top hat, and some fantastic fishnet tights.


A fan favourite of the season was the 70s episode, which was inspired by The Brady Bunch sitcom. Wanda transformed from a casual housewife to a hippie dream. This absolutely stunning dress is the highlight of the episode. The psychedelic print paired with Wanda’s sleek middle parting is fashionable for the era. The knee-length brown boots finish off the 70s inspired look.


Could anything be more 80s than this vest and rollneck combo? The right answer is, no. Wanda rocks this floral vest with a white roll-neck and a signature 80s wild hairstyle in this episode of Wandavision. The half-up, half-down permed hairstyle is completely of its time and really makes this look. The matching pink trousers are also true of the time; also heavily inspired by Full House.


The 90s episode of Wandavision was influenced by sitcoms such as Roseanne and Malcolm In The Middle – and the fashion in this episode makes that very clear. Wearing a plaid button-up, high-waisted ‘mom’ jeans, and white trainers – Wanda wears a classic 90s look. Still rocking her curled hair from the last episode, although slightly more tamed. A special mention has to go to Wanda’s Halloween costume worn in the sixth episode, in which she dresses up as a comic-book self. The iconic red headdress, red cape, and red leotard are callbacks to Scarlet Witch’s original costume and are just perfect.


Moving away from the last century, the ‘modern’ episode seems true to our lives now. Wanda is stuck inside for most of the episode, living her own quarantine life. Taking inspiration from the hit sitcom Modern Family, Wanda keeps her look simple in this episode. There’s a great contrast between Wanda’s looks in the first episode as the glamorous housewife, to this episode, the paranoid confessional mother.

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