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Wax hair dye: New colour, no damage

I’m sure we have all been hesitant to dye our hair at some point. Whether dyeing has caused previous damage, or you are wary of bleaching for the first time. What if there was a way to get that new hair color, without the possible hair damage that comes with it? Well, this is now a possibility with wax hair dye! This allows you to get the same bold and beautiful pigmentation without the commitment.

Wax hair dye
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What is it?

Wax hair dye, also known as ‘color wax’ is a temporary hair coloring product that is trending. It is less harmful to the hair than normal dyes that use ammonia. You don’t even need to bleach to reach the same level of pigmentation. It is usually made up of beeswax and color pigments, this coats the hair without permanently damaging or altering the hair. With it, you can change your hair colour often without consequently causing irreversible damage to your hair. It is very easy to wash out after use and is quick to apply.

How to use

Before applying we advise you to read the instructions on your particular product. In general, you want to apply the wax evenly to washed and conditioned hair. If you want a pigmented, bold look it is advised to add more layers after letting the first layer dry for 15-16 minutes. While applying it is best to wear disposable gloves and an old shirt you don’t mind getting dirty (as it may become messy). Finally, use a dryer to set the wax and dry your hair. Once dry the wax shouldn’t be transferable to your hands or clothes. You can also use the wax to create highlights or streaks, be creative!

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