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We Are Crushing On These Yazbukey Cartoon Bags

There is never a dull moment when it comes to Yazbukey and fashion is always fun with them. Check out their selection of cartoons-turned-handbags pieces. Colourful and playful details with each design looking as though it had fallen out of a comic book. But these aren’t your average cartoons for kids as the illustrations are for grown-ups that like to literally play with fire, cigarettes, matchboxes and ‘live fast die young’. Check out the amazing clutch bag selection below and price tags.

YAZBUKEY 'C'est ahh' crossbody bag £580.24
YAZBUKEY ‘C’est ahh’ crossbody bag £580.24


YAZBUKEY  'Some like it hot' clutch  £932.68
YAZBUKEY ‘Some like it hot’ clutch £932.68
YAZBUKEY  'C'est Ahh' clutch  £942.31
YAZBUKEY ‘C’est Ahh’ clutch £942.31
YAZBUKEY 'Live Fast' cigarette pack clutch £793.03
YAZBUKEY ‘Live Fast’ cigarette pack clutch £793.03
YAZBUKEY  'Feel Flawless' pill clutch bag  £916.89
YAZBUKEY ‘Feel Flawless’ pill clutch bag £916.89

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“Created at the cusp of the millennium, the brand was the brainchild of Yaz, an Ottoman princess whose family reigned in Egypt. An interesting fact: one of the family’s ancestors, Mehmet Ali Pasha, King of Egypt, gave the Concorde Obelisk to Napoleon… Yazbukey has given collections of playful, creative jewels, conceived by a fertile imagination that knows how to mix pop references with a frivolous yet complex way of associating images. Yaz has tamed every technical and structural aspect of Plexiglas, allowing her now to construct handbags and clutches entirely out of the material….After studying at Studio Berçot and working at Margiela, McQueen-era Givenchy and Jeremy Scott, Yaz’s universe constructed itself around the ornate: accessories for yourself and accessories for your home. The fun-filled world of her jewels is like a giant lucky dip, where figurative necklaces,earrings, broaches, mirrors bags, clutches, scarves, tshirts… creating a unique world and an original signature. ……Yaz regularly collaborates with other brands and among her most recent collaborations is a make up line with Shu Uemura, or surrealist inspired evening clutches for Diane von Furstenberg and the launch of her own fragrant candle for the ancient royal candle maker Cire Trudon

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