Rita Ora Wearing The Wet Look

Weather Proof Your Locks

If you have ventured outside at all this weekend you will have noticed that the temperature has dropped practically to igloo weather. Considering the fact that UK storms are now becoming so bad, they are getting named, we thought we would give you the best advice for keeping your beautiful hair no matter what the weather throws in our direction. So, here’s how to weather proof your locks:

1.Avoid Serum When It’s Windy/Stormy

TIGI Beh Head Dry Shampoo (Image:feel unique.com)
  TIGI Beh Head Dry Shampoo (Image:feel unique.com)

Serum is great for many things, but it’s not so good in windy weather. If you’ve used serum on loose hair and proceeded to go out in this particular weather, you will know that your hair just sticks to your face. To avoid a sticky situation, put your hair in a loose and low ponytail, and spray with some dry shampoo.

2.Hairspray to Kill Static

Aussie Hi Beam hairspray
Aussie Hi Beam Hairspray (Image: pgshop.com)

Dreaded static hair is caused when you go from extreme cold to hot, and vice versa. For instance, using hot hair straighteners with serum, then going out will inevitably induce static. You can bypass this misdemeanour by simply spraying on some hairspray before you style. Et Voila!

3.The Wet Look

Rita Ora Wearing The Wet Look
 Rita Ora Wearing The Wet Look (Image: pop sugar.com)

No one likes getting caught out in the rain, and unfortunately, there isn’t a Hell of a lot you can do about it. So our advice is, don’t fight the inevitable – just style your hair accordingly. The wet look is big news at the moment with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Rita Ora sporting the hairstyle and looking fabulous. To achieve the wet look, invest in some wet look gel. Be warned that although this hairdo is very chic, it is a bold statement hairstyle. If you don’t want something so extreme, when your hair becomes wet just tie it in a bun, then let it dry, let it down and you will have beautiful loose waves.

4.Kill The Frizz

Lee Strafford My Frizz Off Hair Kit (Image: leestraffordelectricals.com)
Lee Strafford My Frizz Off Hair Kit (Image: leestraffordelectricals.com)

The best way to banish frizz is to invest in a good dehumidifier for hair. A good one to use is Lee Stafford Frizz Off Hair Kit. It is currently reduced at £39.99, Amazon.co.uk.

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