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What Makes a Good Reality TV show?

Geordie Shore, Hell’s Kitchen and Big Brother are all a part of the world we call reality TV. Reality TV has become so popular over the recent years. More and more shows are being produced documenting the life of everyone and anyone. Whether it’s university students, celebrities or food there’s a reality TV show out there that suits everyone’s preference.

Many of these shows are on air for a long period of time, generate a lot of success as well as popularity and usually run for many seasons. This brings forth the question. What makes a good reality TV show?  I’m sure there are many good Reality TV shows on air however what makes a Reality TV show successful. Let’s have a look at some shows and examples to gain a better understanding. The Cast of a reality TV show is a key factor in making or breaking the TV. A reality TV cast has to consist of likable and relatable characters. Being able to relate to a character though their personal problems or situations is something an audience draws to. Looking at keeping up the Kardashian it shows that under all the glitz and glam it displays the bond between a family and most of all the sisters.

The Setting in other words the location of the show assists in drawing viewers in. If the show is set somewhere interesting or relevant in comparison to where most people’s everyday lives it can create interests as audiences of intrigued to know whats going on. The Only way is Essex is an example of that.


The lifestyle of the cast is vital as reality sometimes is escape from our own reality. Watching people living outside of their comfort zone and do things that we don’t see every day it sometimes exciting. I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! Is a great example as not only do we see people living uncomfortably. They are also celebrities.

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