What Men Really Want

Yes, its official – men really do come from another planet. The problem is, how do we work out what on earth makes them tick without smothering them with questions like, ‘What are you thinking about honey?’ Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but the majority of men want certain basic personality traits from their date. Find out what men really want and they will be eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.

Endless love

1. Keep the mystery

Let’s get one thing straight – men are not like us. They do not want endless chitchat about absolutely everything. Sure, its great to talk to your man, but keep it shorter and sweeter. Leaving space for a bit of mystery will make him want you more.

2. Hold your own in a conversation

Men love women who can hold their own in a conversation
Men love women who can hold their own in a conversation

Many men find women uber-sexy when they demonstrate their mental capabilities. I don’t mean run off and join Mensa, but being able to hold your own in a discussion will make you irresistible to the average dude.

3. Support and encouragement

A lot of men don’t mention it but would secretly love it should their other half give them emotional support and encouragement regarding work. A gentle nudge to help their motivation gives men focus and an incentive to work harder.

4. A good personality

Picture of a woman smiling
Personality counts

Having a good sense of humour speaks volumes in a man’s world. Being able to take the stress out of the day and chill out with your man will make him miss you even more.

5. Never be clingy/overly needy

There’s nothing worse than a girlfriend who is too clingy, insecure, or needy. A little neediness may be endearing, but too much will have your man running for the hills.

6. Be spontaneous occasionally

Life can get pretty tedious when you are working hard and have little time to spend. Make those moments together count by throwing a little spontaneity into the mix. Don’t go overboard, but by surprising him with a day out somewhere new will not only make your man feel special, but moreover, he will be eating out of the palm of your hand!

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