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When Your Friends Hate Your Boyfriend

Ok, so you think you’ve finally found Mr Right. He’s charming, funny, sexy AF, and isn’t tight with his pennies. The problem is, your mates hate that guy!

Should this be the case, you need to sit down and work out whether it is a touch of the green-eyed monster, or if perhaps, there is some well-founded reason for your friends’ dislike of your man. Here’s what to do:

1.Consider your friendshipwoman thinking                                                           Reflect (Image: facebook)

Have you been friends for a long time? Do you trust them implicitly? If the answer is no, then it may be a good idea to take what they say with a pinch of salt. However, if the answer is yes, then you ought to know your friends’ have your best interest at heart, and consider taking on board what they are feeling.

2.The length of time you’ve been dating1000px-Office-calendar.svg                                                      Time matters (Image: Wikipedia)

If you are in the first throws of passion, this may be a situation that simply needs a bit of time. For those of you who have been dating a while, and whose friends still share a dislike for him, there may be a problem that needs to be addressed.

3.Listeno-FRIENDS-TALK-facebook                                                     Its good to talk (Image: facebook)

Sit down with your friends and ask them to be honest with you. Find out what their reasons are, in order to gain some perspective. Statements such as, ‘he’s too quiet,’ don’t deserve the time of day, but ones that include sentences like, ‘He grabbed my butt,’ may require further action.

4.Talk to your boyfriendcouple talking                                                           Discuss (Image: Google)

If the reasons aren’t justified and you don’t want to reassess your relationship, then there is no need to unnecessarily upset your man. On the other hand if the explanation for your friends’ disdain causes alarm bells to ring, it may be time for that chat.

5.Schedulegirls night out

                                                   Time together (Image: Google)

Sometimes there is no real reason for disliking people, other than they just don’t click. If this sounds familiar, try sticking to set days/evenings a week to spend alone with your friends, and the same with your partner. By arranging a schedule life will become that much simpler – and who knows, your friends will eventually accept your choice and may even grow to like him.