Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Date Your Work Colleague

More than a staggering half of us admitted to dating a co-worker. In fact, in office environments it has become widely accepted as the norm. Basically, if you spend 9 hours per day at work, it is unlikely you are going to look for your life partner out of the office. That said, here are some valuable reasons for why it’s never a good idea to date a work colleague.

1. Reputation


Even In today’s society, if a woman is dating someone higher up the rank at work, and then goes and bags themselves a promotion, they will automatically be deemed as a woman who manipulates their way to the top.

2. Embarrassment and shame

Relationship turned sour

Other than the walk of shame through the office, when a relationship turns sour it can prove to be hugely embarrassing and extremely difficult to overcome.

3. Boredom


Alternatively, if the relationship does not flail, there such a thing as being too in-sync with your other half. Sure, it may be great at first, but after a while spending so much time and ideas will start to grate. Furthermore, if you are both competing for a promotion or have differing opinions regarding a project, it could spell friction

4. Issues

You can’t flirt with anyone else

Remember the days when a little harmless flirting with the lads in your office was fun? If you are in a relationship you can forget the flirting – it will inevitably cause massive issues.

5. Gossip

Women gossiping at work

Office relationships are a no-no for anyone who can’t stand their dirty laundry aired in public. You can guarantee that everyone will be talking about you, finding fights highly amusing – basically you will be the butt of office gossip

6.Always dressing up

Need to dress up for work?

Having an office relationship means you can’t just ‘not bother’. Every day may as well be a date night – no throwing on a sloppy leggings and a hoodie – you will feel the need to look your best!

Image sources: Glamour, Iwatchlife.