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Why Mineral Makeup Is Better

With so many makeup brands available, it is difficult to know which one to choose. Mineral makeup is known for being unbelievably beneficial for the skin. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this, and at some of the best mineral-based makeups on the market.

1.No chemicals/additives

If a makeup doesn’t contain chemicals – straight away, this gives it a head start. Most makeup brands use either additives and/or chemicals, which can be an irritant, and used over a long period of time, is detrimental for the skin. Mineral makeup is free of such harmful additives.

2.It binds to oils

Mineral makeup is great because it binds to the skin’s natural oils instead of water. This means, that not only does it not soak into skin pores, but it also allows the skin to breathe at the same time as offering a good protection against environmental pollutants.

3.It has a great SPF

The majority of mineral makeup includes titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are great SPFs.

4. No bacteria

They contain no organic material, it is safe to assume that unlike many other brands, mineral makeup cannot grow or harbour bacteria.

5.It stands the test of time

The lack of additives and chemicals basically means it has a very long shelf life. Whereas you would be throwing away your usual brand after a certain length of time, mineral makeup just keeps on giving!

6.Minerals Ensure Good quality

Many cosmetic companies include talc in their foundations; that although is classed as a mineral, is cakey, and nowhere near as good as mica (the main component in mineral products). You will immediately notice the difference to the skin when using mica-based products.

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