picture of woman in bed with a man
Revenge Sex (Classic 105.com)

Why Some Women Cheat

We all know that as a rule, men and women are innately different when it comes to the nitty gritty of sex. The majority of men perceive sex differently to us ladies, and generally speaking, their reasons for infidelity are different. Statistics show that the majority of unfaithful men are actually happily married, and are just after a quick fix of uncomplicated satisfaction. So what triggers women to be unfaithful? We look at the reasons behind why (some) women cheat.


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Never Ignore Her (Image: The Guardian)

Whereas men do not usually bring emotions to the table when they cheatwomen overall, do. Obviously this doesn’t apply to all, but ladies are more likely to seek an affair when they feel emotionally ignored or isolated.


picture of woman in bed with a man
 Revenge Sex (Classic 105.com)

If a woman knows or suspects her partner has been unfaithful, she is more likely to engage in revenge sex to even the score. Yes, she would stoop that low!

3.When its over

When It's Over (Image: relationshipunscripted.com)
  When It’s Over (Image: relationshipunscripted.com)

Some women find it difficult to end a relationship that has turned sour. Instead they will search for a new emotional connection on the sly.


Loneliness (Image: themominmend.com)
  Loneliness (Image: themominmend.com)

Particularly in relationships where there are children involved, women can end up being seen and treated as a mother and nothing more. In this situation, when the lady feels duty bound to remain in the family setting, she may end up looking for someone to make her feel like a woman once more.

5.Bad Sex

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 Bad Sex (Image: virtualwingman.com)

Yes, it can be that simple. If a woman is continually unsatisfied, and her man fails to deliver, she is much more likely to go looking for fulfilment elsewhere. Guys, it’s time to get down and dirty!

6.Lack of intimacy

Where Did The Intimacy Go? (Image: understandingrelationships.com)
 Where Did The Intimacy Go? (Image: understandingrelationships.com)

It can be difficult to maintain heightened sexual pleasure within a long-term relationship. One of the main reasons for this, strangely, is a lack of intimacy. Becoming complacent over time can cause a couple to lose their intimacy and create conflict. If a woman feels she is not receiving emotional or physical intimacy, it can eventually lead to seeking that vital closeness with another guy.





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