Why We Get Puffy Eyes And How To Put A Stop To It

Puffy eyes, on occasion, are a problem for the best of us. However, there are certain factors which increase the likelihood of this pesky problem. Read the main causes of the dreaded puffy eye problem, and how we can put a stop to it.

1. Cryingwoman crying

                                     Tears Will Do It Every Time

Are you going through a tough time or painful breakup? Tearing up is a sure-fire route to puffy eyes. Try to deal with the problem, and if that’s not possible, distract yourself with work or other people until you feel able to cope.

2.Dry skindry skin

                            Dry skin is often a cause of puffy eyes

Dry skin is a leading cause in puffy or wrinkled looking skin. Drink plenty of water and invest in a good eye serum that treats dry skin complaints.

3.Poor sleeping position or patterned pillowssilk pillowcase

                                    Silk pillowcases will help

After reading this you may want to reassess your fave sleeping position. If you lie with your head flat, fluid will collect and well up around the eye. However, lying on your stomach inevitably causes creases and lines from your pillow. No, the answer is not to go to sleep in your chair – instead either lie on your back, but with your head slightly elevated, or if you aren’t keen on this position, invest in silk pillowcases to prevent lines and puffiness from forming.

4.Diet, alcohol, and high sodium foods.alcohol

                                 Alcohol never improves eye bags

Perhaps your puffy eyes are a result of your diet. Avoid over-indulging in alcohol, fatty or sodium rich foods, and definitely cut down on the smoking.

5.Sun damagesunbathing

                                    Always wear your hat and sunnies!

As much as we love the sun it can be gruelling on our eyes. Always opt for a moisturiser that contains an SPF, and remember your Ray Bans when driving on sunny days!

6.Forgetting to remove your makeup.

woman sleeping with makeup
Sleeping with makeup on is a no-no

We’ve all on rare occasion, got a tad too drunk and fallen to sleep with our makeup (and perhaps shoes) on. Makeup is ultimately an irritant, particularly around the eye area. Try to get yourself into a routine of removing your makeup so that it is as automatic as brushing your teeth.


                                                      Unfortunate DNA 

If none of the above reasons ring a bell, your puffy eyes may be down to just damn bad luck. Fat pads as they are referred to are for some nothing more than an unfortunate genetic predisposition. You may want to take a look at laser treatment or surgical procedure to fix this problem.

Image sources: Staticguim, Thirstyskin, Fitnesssutra

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