Jaden Smith’s Style Evolution

Jaden Smith’s style has changed dramatically over the years. It is something that we weren’t expecting from him. Let’s take a look back at the young style icon’s fashion journey throughout his years from childhood to how he is now.

Early daysjaden

In his early days we see him in smart suit. He did not take much interest in his personal looks but as the paparazzi fed culture, his dress sense only made it’s rare appearances.

Animal Print and The Rise Of All Black (2008-2014)jaden 2012As we can see Jaden is rocking the baggy jeans and waistcoats, following the early naughties style. It was not till 2010 that small details were put together and began to draw attention  to himself which Is his outfit choices. He started to wear Animal Print, and bold and colourful clothing and then to wear all black became his colour of the day!

The Big Change 2014-Presentjaden 20133jaden 2015 dress

In recent years the outfit choices of young Mr Smith have become worldwide news stories as he pushes for greater equality and he tries to prove a point about stereotypes and gender. During Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding he wore all white in a Batman suit. This is showing to us that style and identity have become a huge part in Jaden’s life.

The day to day style choices that the young star makes are quite reserved and usually he is never the one to shy away! While this style star has only began his fashion journey it is clear that the fashion world are taking him seriously, with Nicholas Ghesquière recently announcing that Smith is to face Louis Vuitton’s Spring / Summer 16′ womenswear ad campaign.

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