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Will You Be The £50.4m Lotto Winner?

If anyone was considering taking a chance on the lottery, tonight would most definitely be the night. Wednesday night’s Lotto has rolled over to a staggering 50.4 million pounds! The chances however are very slim. So, is there anything we can do to increase our chances of winning? Apparently there are a few ways to improve our chances.

1.Look For Less Popular Numbers

date - 31st
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People tend to choose numbers of birthdays, so in theory, by picking numbers over 31 might help.

2.Avoid Sequence Numbers From 1-6

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Surprisingly, many people opt to pick numbers in sequence from 1-6. By avoiding this technique, if you win, you are less likely to then have to share your winnings with 100,000 others.

3.Look For Overdue Numbers

Number 6
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The numbers: 6, 33, and 45 are overdue. If you believe that the Lotto is random, you might want to consider these 3 numbers.

4.The Most Appeared Numbers

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On draw nights, the numbers 23 and 40 have appeared most often.

5.Have A Birmingham Postcode

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For some reason Birmingham has the highest number of lottery winners. So, if you’re serious about winning, you may want to nip over there to buy your ticket.


The name John
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If your name is John, Steven or Margaret, you are in with a good chance. According to the Lotto, people with these names have been the most fortunate over previous years.

7.Your Job

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Apparently those whose chosen career is in the building trade have been lucky Lotto winners. So, if your name is John, Margaret, or Steve, you work as a builder, and you live in Birmingham, get yourself to the nearest newsagents, pronto! For the rest of the population: How much do you want to win?

If you happen to be unbelievably lucky and win the Lotto tonight, you will be up there with the big boys and girls, with celebrities such as Adele, Andy Murray, and Liam Neeson.

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