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Winter MOT

The autumn winter season is often known as the transition season. The pace slows down; the lovebirds go into hibernation memes such as Netflix and Chill start floating around. Layers upon layers all for you to undress yourself on the tube. Some of you ladies use this as an opportunity to let yourself go, out of sight, out of mind. Yes I understand, we all have busy schedules, and sometimes just trying to organise one day in your diary, can just about break you. The key to success is organisation and time management. Well I’m here to tell you that this is not acceptable, always look your best so you can exude in confidence, bring out your pen and check off your Winter MOT.

Manicure & Pedicure- Now I know I most of you always have your nails done, if you don’t you can always add a few coats at home. My personal preference is shellac; they come in a range of colours to suit your style. Best of all they can last up to three weeks, and take half the time to dry under UV light, as well as strengthening and growing your nails. Just because the flip-flops are packed on the top shelf and the boots are out, it doesn’t mean, you should leave your feet to wither away. The choice is yours, but as the toes are usually tucked away, you can stick to the standard nail polish Sally Hansen or OPI, a good scrub and massage can last up to 6 weeks.

Shellac Nail cost: £15-£20

Pedicure: £20-£25

How often: 3-6 weeks

Image source: Partners Hair and Beauty
Image source: Partners Hair and Beauty

Wax- This is slightly more bespoke as it depends on where you are waxing and how often you wax, and what type of wax is your preference, but to give you a general idea. A bikini wax is to tame the edges and to keep everything neat and tidy. Brazilian is for when you fancy a bit of style to your mane down below, a landing strip. Hollywood, if you completely hate the idea of any hair growing at all, take it all off and keep it neat and tidy.

Bikini wax: £7-£15

Brazilian: £18-£25

Hollywood: £23-£30

How often: Dependent on hair growth between 4-6 weeks.

Image source: Bodyrock
Image source: Bodyrock

Eyebrows- With current trends, I believe waxing and threading are the popular choices, both quick and effective, but dependant on the shape of your eyebrows. If you are going for the bushy-tailed Cara Delevingne look I would recommend going for a wax, however if you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t avoid. If you have more of a winged or arched eyebrow, to get that HD finish, threading is the answer. Removing any tiny hairs that be array, delicate to the bone but with great results.

Eyebrow wax: £5

Threading: £5

How often: Dependant on eyebrow shape: 4-8 weeks.

Image source: Sunitaz Eyebrow Threading
Image source: Sunitaz Eyebrow Threading

Hair- Depending on your choice of poison for the winter, it’s always best to remember that, autumn winter is the hardest on the hair, battling the ever-changing weather conditions, hair can become brittle. I highly recommend a deep mask hair treatment, there are some amazing homemade hair masks here are a few:

Coconut oil and honey


Banana and olive oil

Image source: Mantello
Image source: Mantello

Fitness & Well being- Just because the sunshine is no longer with us, it doesn’t mean your fitness regime should cease to exist. If you must, tone it down a little, but finish it off with a sauna treatment.

Benefits include:

Flush out toxins

Makes the immune system stronger

Saunas are also great for the hair follicles, so to maximise on your hair mask, you can always apply it, before entering the sauna.

Image source: Cardiohigh
Image Source: Cardiohigh

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