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Do Women Have Obligation Sex?

Recent surveys have shown women in relationships have sex because they feel obligated, rather than desire. Here are the reasons why we might have obligation sex.


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We might be generalising here, but most men put sex at the top of their list of priorities. In a long-term relationship (particularly where children are involved) women often put sex further down their list. Whilst sex is important, women are working just as hard as men, then returning to cook, clean, answer emails (and look after the children). When we have a few minutes, the only things that come out on top is a bath and sleep.


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Again, we live in an overworked society where (at the risk of appearing like a feminist extremist and sparking off a Twitter rant) women still take the brunt overall. The work doesn’t end when we get home, and so most of us are permanently knackered. Put into the equation constant nagging and sulking of a partner who has enough time to sit and think about how much he’s not getting – the harsh truth is it’s often just easier to give up 300 seconds of your time, so you get peace and quiet – and sleep!


We’ve touched upon this point already – but in general it’s true. We strive to be equal, but we very rarely achieve equality. During our twenties we would never do anything for the sake of it – but a few years later family dynamics are in full play and in general women are doing the majority of work. Perhaps if there was a little more equality, women would be up for more sex. Simple.


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In a long-term relationship, it’s all too easy to let things slip. Over time, men and women can stop making the effort and therefore get stuck in a sexual rut, making sex life boring and mundane. This takes the pleasure out of sex, and therefore the desire is also lost. In such instances, women (and men) who love their partners, but find themselves in this situation, may opt for the ‘Ok then, but keep the TV on’ option.

5.Bad Sex

Usually if the sex is bad, we leave. However, if you are in a committed relationship in which the sex has become bad (for whatever reason) and you love the person involved, you will probably put out for his/her peace of mind.



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