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Would You Stay With A Cheater?

Would you stay with a cheater? Ok, so most of us would insist no – however, many women do end up sticking with a partner even though they are aware of his/her infidelity. Obviously we are not condoning cheating on your other half – but some people go as far as to say that an affair can make a relationship stronger. Life is truly a complicated thing, and there are many reasons as to why people stay in an unfaithful relationship. Let’s look at some reasons for why people decide to stay with a cheater.


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This is a deal clincher and probably the biggest reason you might stay with an unfaithful spouse. In a family setting, where children are involved, some people will put aside their loved-ones philandering ways for the sake of the children. Be warned, however, that this can turn out to be more detrimental in the long run.


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If the person who has been cheated on already has issues with self-esteem, that person may choose to stay in the relationship. The betrayed partner may feel as if he/she pushed their spouses to commit the dastardly deed, or consider themselves too weak to leave.


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A stay-at-home mother who relies on her partner’s income might feel trapped in a no-win situation. If she has little financial security and no other family to turn to, she might consider her only option to be turning a blind eye to the problem.


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This point is last on the list; as no matter how much you love your partner, once you have been betrayed and the trust has gone, love will inevitably dwindle. So, you might choose to stay out of love, but in the end love can’t trump trust.