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Who Are This Year’s Six Sexiest Men?

The end of the year is drawing near, and this means we can drool and objectify (without judgement) over our hottest of crushes to find the 6 sexiest men of 2016. Here is Fruk’s list – let us know what you think!

1.Will Smith

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Unbelievably gorgeous and outrageously cool, Will Smith never goes out of style. The Hollywood star has been dazzling us with his unspoken sex appeal for years, and only gets hotter every year!

2.Chris Hemsworth

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From afar, incredibly sexy Thor appears to be the perfect man – and according to Chris’s Ghostbusters co-stars he is just as dreamy in real life. With a fun, laid back, and perfect personality on a body that will make grown women weep, we all kick ourselves in unison that he didn’t meet us first! All we can do now is sit back and wait for the upcoming release of Thor.

3.Benedict Cumberbatch

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The world sobbed when Sherlock ended – but the guy who made intelligent the new sexy will be back on our screens on New Year’s Eve to make our New Year’s Day go off with a bang. We have a funny feeling IPlayer will be stuck on repeat for some time to come.


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Super cool and sexy Drake has had a great year. He was officially dating every guy’s fantasy, Rihanna on a off and on relationship according to source, now he is allegedly hooking up with JLo.

5.Ryan Reynolds

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Our exceptionally sexy and explicitly naughty Deadpool star sets us alight with desire. Unfortunately, Mr. Reynolds (as are 99% of sexy and date-worthy guys) is in a relationship with the beautiful Blake Lively. It gets worse – they have one child and are about to have another!

6.Brad Pitt

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It may have been a crappy year, and we may have wept in sympathy when Brangelina became Brad once more. However, at the risk of seeming insensitive – OMG he’s back on the market. Two questions: Where is he filming, and where are our binoculars and lippy?