Benefit travel beauty kit
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Your Summer Holiday Travel Essentials

Your summer holiday is so close you can smell the Sangria – but have you packed everything you need?  There is nothing worse than settling down as the plane reaches 10,000 ft. and feeling your stomach sink –  not from turbulence, but you just remembered your tablet containing all on-flight entertainment is still sat on your kitchen table. Do not panic, we at FRUK have compiled a checklist of the essentials you will need for the best holiday ever.

1.Small Travel Bottles For Creams/Lotions And Potions

Benefit travel beauty kit
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There’s nothing worse than reaching check-in to be told that you have to bin your luxury face cream as it exceeds the allowed amount – and it’s in your hand luggage. Prevent this potential nightmare by purchasing some 100ml plastic bottles for whatever cream or liquid you wish to keep close. If this seems like a hassle you can buy most brands travel-sized kits.

2.Portable Wi-Fi- If you are going for any length of time, chances are you will be climbing up the walls for Internet access. Save yourself the misery of realising there is none by renting a portable Wi-Fi to keep you connected and happy.

3.Check Your Phone Carrier’s Charges- This is worth spending some time researching. If you don’t check what roaming charges your carrier may inflict on you, the next bill is likely to be a hefty one. Most phone carriers offer deals to save you money whilst abroad, so don’t forget to ask.


Travel adapters
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One of the most vital things to remember is an adaptor, as sadly, UK plug sockets are not universal.

5.Electronic Equipment- Adaptors will be no good without your phone or tablet. Also, forget these at your peril – car and plane journeys are notoriously dull, and the radio is guaranteed to be blasting out ‘golden oldies’ for the entire distance.

6.Contact Lenses, Makeup, Razor, Sunglasses, And Underwear- Forgetting these will not be devastating as they can be replaced. But for a hassle free adventure, pack these things a few days before you intend to travel.

7.Checklist- For the more forgetful of you out there – it may be advisable to devise a checklist of everything you may need. Even so, we never use all of the things we pack, so do not overdo the outfits. If you are lacking something this will be a good excuse for fitting in a little shopping bliss.

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